What We Do

We Do Lead Generation

We are car guys that have pioneered the Social Media Ad Space with revolutionary real time customer communication while keeping a focus on your lead cost at its lowest.

Hyper Scale Customer Communication

A Social Media Lead Generation company with a revolutionary three fold approach (text, call, email) that instantaneously engages potential buyers and turns them into showroom traffic.

Cloud Contact Center

  • GIPHY Powered MMS Messenger
  • GIPHY Powered Bulk Broadcast
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Multi Channel Instant Connect
  • Seamless Third Party Lead Intake
  • Manual Bulk Lead Upload
  • Round Robin Advance Routing
  • Do Not Call Registry Automation
  • Video Chatrooms

  • Turbo Dialer with Voicemail Drop
  • DMS and CRM Integration
  • Intuitive Ringless Voicemail Drop
  • Call Tracking and Recording
  • Real time Reports and Analytics
  • Inventory Brochure Texting
  • Categorized AI Automation
  • Call Tracking and Recording
  • Credit Application Interface

Warrior CRM®

An industry leading CRM platform that can sync with your current CRM and DMS or replace CRM.

Text Gurus®

Our voice and Text Gurus engage with your customers for a variety of simple call to action tasks. SimpSocial® patent pending artificial intelligence is conversational and is used to book appointments, answer questions about inventory, and guide people through complex IVRs.