Facebook and Instagram Marketing for Car Dealers Tips

As social media becomes pivotal in the car buying process, the traditional showroom allure has shifted online. Today, consumers conduct thorough research on the internet before setting foot in a dealership. Surveys indicate that social media platforms now outstrip websites as the preferred means of reaching out to dealerships, with 75% of buyers deeming of using facebook and instagram marketing for car dealers the most valuable resource in their purchasing journey.

The numbers underscore this shift. A Google survey revealed that, on average, car buyers engage with 900 digital touchpoints before making a purchase decision. Notably, Facebook Marketplace is the choice of nearly half of all car buyers seeking new vehicles, and Facebook emerges as the dominant platform for dealership exploration on social media. Impressively, 90% of potential buyers click on Facebook ads when they appear.

Given these insights, it’s crucial to refine your social media approach.

Here are the 5 facebook and instagram marketing for car dealers strategies to enhance brand presence and drive sales.

1. Choose the Ideal Platforms

Your choice of social platforms is crucial. If you’re not where your target audience is, reaching them becomes challenging. Research where your potential customers spend their time and establish your presence there. Analyze your competitors’ social accounts to understand which platforms they’re using to showcase their cars, connect with buyers, and what kind of engagement they’re achieving.

Facebook and Instagram are popular choices for car dealerships due to their visual nature, but platforms like YouTube also offer opportunities with long-form videos.

Don’t spread yourself too thin across multiple channels. Focus on the platforms where you can consistently maintain a presence. It’s better to excel on a few platforms than to struggle to keep up with many.

2. Engage Millennials with Your Dealership on Instagram

With millennials dominating the auto buyer market in the USA and their affinity for Instagram, tapping into this platform can be a game-changer. Crafting captivating Instagram content can drive significant interest in your vehicle inventory, aligning your dealership with the preferences of this influential demographic.

3. Organize car-themed contests and promotions via social media.

An effective social media strategy involves offering engaging and valuable promotions, events, and contests. Periodically, reward your followers with promotions and contests to keep them engaged with your page. Facebook and Instagram are ideal platforms for running these contests.

Here are some contest ideas tailored for social media:

Raffle Draw: Invite users to enter their emails for a chance to win a prize through a random draw.

Photo Competition: Encourage participants to take instant pictures with a specific brand of car based on a given theme. Participants then upload their photos, and a winner is selected.

Vote: Allow participants to vote on specific questions in exchange for their email addresses. This not only offers your audience a prize but also provides valuable insights into their opinions, which can benefit your business.

4. Creating engaging stories for social media posts.

In the automotive industry, digital storytelling can be a powerful tool for marketing products and fostering connections with customers. Leading automakers have long utilized storytelling to shape their brand identity and personality. Here are some examples:

  • Volkswagen portrays itself as the reliable companion for family adventures.
  • BMW is depicted as a sophisticated, luxurious, and sporty brand that turns heads.
  • Ferrari is showcased as a dynamic and powerful brand that promises exhilarating experiences.

Craft compelling, visually captivating content for your social media platforms that resonates with your audience. Engaging storytelling through social media posts can cultivate long-term customer relationships and enhance brand loyalty.

5. Strategy for Facebook Marketplace and Ads on Social Media

Your digital marketing plan lacks depth without Facebook, which serves as a prime lead-generation avenue for auto dealerships. Utilizing Facebook Marketplace, a cost-free feature, enables showcasing attractive car images to potential buyers. This platform presents a valuable opportunity for dealers, with no charges unless opting for listing advertisements.

After discussing Marketplace, let’s briefly explore Facebook Ads.

Studies indicate that auto ads boast twice the average click-through rates of Facebook ads. Employ various formats like video ads, lead ads, and dynamic inventory ads to highlight your vehicles.

Dynamic Advertising is crucial for dealerships. By integrating your inventory, you can swiftly generate carousel ads featuring real-time pricing and details about your vehicles.

Lead Form ads on Facebook generate valuable lead data, which can be utilized to cultivate potential customer information.

Video ads are a potent method for bolstering brand recognition. They prove invaluable for dealers seeking to enhance their brand visibility.

The outlined dealership social media strategies offer optimal avenues for promoting your car dealership on social platforms. While these strategies can attract audiences, maintaining consistency is key. However, implementing these tactics demands significant time and effort. To streamline this process, consider hiring a digital marketing expert. Reach out today for a complimentary demo and let us assist you in crafting the ideal social media marketing plan for your business.

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