Slide AUTOBDC30 AUTOBDC30 is one of our clients’ favorite and most effective feature. Why is that? Our system instantaneously captures each lead–from any third-party source–and converts it into an incoming showroom sales-call followed by a personalized text to the potential customer. This automated follow up process–text and a call–continues for 30 days until the customer responds. Schedule a Demo Follow up instantly with calls & texts with your new leads and continue up to 30 days Slide Power Dialer PowerDialer you can create a list of customers. PowerDialer will begin making calls to everyone on the list, up to 200 customers an hour. For calls that go to voicemail, the system will drop a pre-recorded message, then move to the next number. When someone does answer, PowerDialer populates your screen with the customer’s data so you can jump right into a sale mode and schedule an appointment. It gives you maximum outbound activity with the least amount of manual labor.  Schedule a Demo Make up to 200 outbound calls
per hour per agent
Text Blast With nearly 80% of people regularly responding to texts, it is one of the most reliable and efficient ways of reaching and engaging your customers. Text Blast can send out thousands of personalized, customized texts to your chosen custom filters. Choose to text customers based on when the lead arrived, the lead source, or even the current status. You choose the filter, and Text Blast will start blasting texts personalized messages.
Schedule a Demo Reach 1000s of leads with personal & customized texts within seconds...
Social Media
Lead Generation
We create ads based on your live inventory, generate leads with full customer information, the leads include verified details – including first name, last name, verified cell phone number, and verified email addresses – on your live inventory vehicles. Schedule a Demo
Facebook Messenger for Business Facebook Messenger Integration
Users can send messages directly to your Business Page’s Facebook Messenger – while all users on platform will be able to reply to the questions. You won’t even have to log in to Facebook anymore. All you have to do is login to our platform, and you can start replying to your customers’ questions from the Facebook tab.
Schedule a Demo Respond to your Facebook page messenger from one single platform, convert those conversations into leads in your CRM
AI Assistant Meet Sarah Virtual BDC appointment setter, bring up your level of engagement with your leads. Schedule a Demo Sarah has speech recognition capability, allowing it to respond to the customer. It can set appointments, continue conversations, and respond to customer inquiries. DMS Equity Campaign Schedule a Demo SimpSocial's DMS Equity Mining campaigns will set off a chain reaction of sales & inventory for your dealership. With this DMS integration, You can filter and sort custom text campaigns to hundreds or thousands of your customers based on very specific criteria, such as make/model of their car and date range of the sale. This information can then be used to create a message that speaks directly to that customer. It’s time to maximize your data. Let’s get started today!-- TikTok Ads TikTok's short, sound-on video forms produce frequent cycles of interaction, which is why it's the most popular medium for information density.

We deliver adverts at the optimal time to connect with the new generation of highly engaged auto shoppers by displaying your live inventory and messaging as video ads to your most significant audiences and target auto shoppers.
Schedule a Demo We deliver adverts at the optimal time to connect with the new generation of highly engaged auto shoppers.

We Partner with Franchise and Independent Dealerships

Facebook Lead Generation with A.I. Follow Up

AutoBDC30 follow up via immediate Text & Call follow up

Massive Lead Response via Texts & Calls with few clicks

DMS Equity Mining via Customized Texts

TikTok Lead Generation with A.I. Follow Up

Did You Know?

1 minute

1 of 5 minutes is spent on social media.

1 minute


Of all mobile time is spent on social media


2 Billion+

People are active Facebook users

2 Billion+


Tracks buyer behavior to optimize ads


Your Success Is Our Success

We focus on a revolutionary approach to generating leads:
Massive Lead Response via texting, calling, and video
Text Gurus removes a lot of the tedious tasks by setting up appointments, answering basic questions, and guiding people through IVRs.

Easy to Use

In under 30 minutes, you’ll be able to set up our remarkable AI to handle basic tasks.

Streamline Lead Flow

Automating these processes ensures your sales team can focus on the more complicated aspects, while leads who are ready for more can quickly access what they need.

24/7 Expert Support

If you ever have questions or problems, we’ve got an expert team always ready to help.

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