What’s the value of online reviews?

To say that the introduction of the internet has revolutionized how we shop is an understatement. From deciding what you want, how you pay for it, and how it gets to where you want it to go, to responding to the crucial inquiry: where do you buy from?


We’ll see that for many, online reviews are crucial to the decision-making process. Reviews have replaced the word-of-mouth advertising strategy that companies have relied on since long before the internet and are now viewed as a make-or-break component of online purchases.


Knowing what prior clients had to say about a company might have a favorable or negative impact on how many people choose your dealership. Online reviews should at the very least encourage you to prioritize providing the best possible customer experience for the people you serve if you aren’t already committed to doing so.


What significance do internet reviews have?


Given that numbers may frequently convey a message more effectively than words, the following data illustrates the significance of Internet reviews.


According to research by Hubspot, 46% of US consumers now rely more on online reviews than they did two years ago. 90% of consumers check online reviews before visiting a store or making a purchase.


According to FinancesOnline, 68% of customers will get in touch with a company after reading favorable reviews. 40% of consumers won’t do business with organizations if they see negative evaluations.


According to Statista, more than 50% of US shoppers believe the internet reviews they read.


Only 4% of shoppers, according to Brightlocal, read just one review before making a judgment about a company.


We may infer from this that favorable reviews are crucial, and the more, the better (as long as they’re real).


What impact do internet reviews have?


We are aware of the significance of internet reviews, but what is it about them that makes them so powerful?


Social support


We’re social beings, so if our group of people thinks something is a good idea, we’re more likely to follow through on it. In this situation, the action in question is paying a certain company money in exchange for goods or services we desire or need.


builds trust


You will presume that you will be treated equally if you see that many individuals have interacted with a company and had the same wonderful experience. Therefore, trust will be established before a buyer ever submits their initial inquiry.


enhances visibility


Many modern businesses prioritize being found online, and reviews can increase the chances of that happening. As we’ve previously discussed, search engines like Google prefer new content. By adding the encouraging comments you get to your website, you’re informing Google that your website—and, by extension, your business—is active and growing.


Describe your USPs


Who better than your own clients to tell you what you do well and especially why they select you? Reviews are a terrific way to highlight your USPs and, of course, also point out areas that need improvement so that clients will be even more satisfied.


demonstrates an open dialogue


Even in a society that is becoming more and more online, human-to-human connections can still be heard above the din. The ability to respond to reviews across a variety of platforms facilitates communication between customers and businesses and eliminates the facelessness that some customers may find off-putting.


Due to the significance of online evaluations, you have the opportunity to express your sincere gratitude for each one.


Where can you find reviews online?


Searching tools


One of the easiest locations to find such (hopefully) complimentary remarks is Google reviews. When you conduct a Google search for a particular company, you’ll frequently discover that it has a Google Business page, which will frequently and immediately display its star rating out of 5.


The internet


It’s obvious that your Facebook page can gather reviews for you since it’s a place where many of us spend some of our time. After all, people between the ages of 20 and 25 are more likely to visit a Facebook or Instagram page than your website.


Specialized review sites


Websites like TrustPilot and JudgeService were developed to offer insight into a company’s long-term perceptions, and they are crucial for influencing consumer choices.


By requesting


You’ll get much more when you ask for reviews, regardless of the platform you chose to collect them on (although you’ll probably find they’ll split across a few).


Asking clients to leave a review on your preferred site after contacts with them and typically at the conclusion of their transaction should be done politely. You can do this in person, by email or text, or both.


Speaking of positive reviews,


Are you aware that SimpSocial has a 5-star rating from customers? We have previously discussed the importance we place on our clients’ experiences as we develop their websites and their ongoing assistance from us, and the genuinely positive feedback we get is proof that it makes a difference.


You may read our reviews on Google, but we’ve taken it a step further by visiting members of the SimpSocial community to ask them directly how they feel about us. Below are some of those videos; pardon our eyes, we have something in them.

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