The Complete Guide to MMS Marketing: Benefits and Techniques

MMS marketing allows you to send rich media content (images, photos, short video clips, GIFs, emojis, audio files) directly to customers via their mobile devices. You can expound your marketing message since MMS is not bound to a character limit compared to a typical SMS message. MMS is a powerful and effective tool that lets you increase the conversion rate as visual elements have a stronger effect on your audience and their engagement. It builds customer loyalty with ideal communication that captivates their attention. With MMS, you can keep your target audience informed with timely and relevant information.


A recent study from Juniper Research projected a 40% global growth delivery in the business A2P (Application-to-Person) messages from an estimated 2.5 trillion in 2019 to 3.5 trillion in 2023. Meanwhile, in the US, Statista reported that the number of SMS sent in the US has increased to 2.2 trillion SMS or MMS messages during 2020, up from 1.5 trillion messages in 2017. This means that despite the popularity of digital communication channels in this age, text messaging is still relevant and cost-effective when it comes to reaching consumers quickly.


Benefits of MMS marketing

In marketing, audience engagement is vital since it creates an ideal atmosphere for business-to-consumer interactions. Just like SMS marketing, MMS marketing has its own benefits. See how MMS marketing benefits businesses in creating an ideal audience engagement below:


1. Delivers an immediate message

MMS marketing takes only about 3-5 seconds to reach a vast audience. It delivers visual messages without the need for an internet connection. Some devices may allow receiving MMS messages without mobile data.


2. Reports immediate results

MMS marketing allows marketers to view who has received, opened and clicked on links from the MMS they sent. It helps develop insights to scale their outbound marketing campaign and get results faster.


3. Makes it more personal

Receiving a text message is already personal, but receiving MMS with images of products/services you were looking for is amazing. It makes the audience feel the message was customized for them.


4. Gives cost-effective marketing

SMS and MMS marketing are way cheaper than other marketing methods. It is even way more environmentally friendly than handing out flyers and printed brochures. Broadcasting SMS/MMS is more affordable these days, at as low as 2¢ per message.


5. Open for global marketing

MMS marketing can allow businesses to reach their audience on a global scale. Most devices today are designed to be more internationally open to other networks than they used to be. You can reach your audience wherever they are.


6. It builds better conversations.

Humans are programmed to respond better with visual aids. Text can get boring for others. An SMS accompanied by graphics may get more replies than an SMS alone, as it gives more context to the conversation with your audience.


MMS marketing best practices

1. Get the audience to opt-in

Marketers must comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991. This legal compliance means that they have to get consent from a contact in order to send them promotional messages. This applies to SMS and MMS campaigns.


MMS allows your campaign to send visually appealing invites to better persuade your audience to opt-in to your texting list. Since a picture message is naturally easier to skim and scan, your audience is more likely to open it, especially MMS piques curiosity. All that is left is how you make your MMS creative enough to captivate your audience’s attention within a couple of seconds after opening the message.


2. Use MMS creatively.

MMS is only as good if it’s creative enough to convey your marketing message. You have to consider your audience and goals if you want your MMS marketing to be successful. Get the type of content you want to send out to your audience. Offer relevant information inside your MMS. It should always be complementary to your text message.


Be as clear and concise as possible. You can only send a couple of megabits of data in an MMS message. Use powerful call-to-action keywords in your designs. Use friendlier color palettes to accommodate visual disabilities like color blindness. Maximize the font size and allowable size when creating your MMS templates.


3. Choose the right time to send MMS.

Just because MMS gives you the option to reach your audience immediately doesn’t mean that you get to reach out to them whenever you want. There is always the best time to reach a certain segment of the audience in order to get your message read and opened. Your marketing or sales automation system can help you with this task.


You must know how to create a profitable SMS marketing strategy in order to get the most out of your investment in MMS marketing. You can set up your sales and marketing automation tool to better understand your audience. You can set the time and trigger messages based on your marketing workflows. You can follow up with an MMS message containing a flyer after a prospective call.


4. Resize your MMS properly.

Some of your audience may either be on mobile data or not use smartphones. You don’t want to consume their mobile data and make it difficult for them to download your MMS (if it’s an attachment). This is why you should always resize and optimize your MMS properly before sending them.


economical when it comes to immediately reaching consumers in this day and age, despite the widespread use of digital communication methods.


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The distinction between MMS and SMS

advantages of MMS advertising

MMS marketing guidelines

5 MMS templates that you can change with Canva

Give your SMS/MMS marketing efforts a boost.

The distinction between MMS and SMS

There are significant distinctions between SMS and MMS, despite the fact that both fall under the same messaging service umbrella. Short Message Service (SMS) messages can be up to 160 characters long and employ a conventional text-based style. In addition to SMS, Multimedia Message Service (MMS) provides the message with additional context. It consists of pictures, videos, animated GIFs, and occasionally audio recordings. Because MMS adds images to the text, SMS marketing has a greater impact.


advantages of MMS advertising

Engagement with the audience is essential in marketing because it fosters the right environment for interactions between businesses and consumers. MMS marketing has advantages of its own, just as SMS marketing does. Below, you can see how MMS marketing helps firms engage their ideal audience:


1. Sends a message right away.

MMS marketing may reach a large audience in about 3–5 seconds. It conveys messages visually without requiring an internet connection. Receiving MMS messages on some devices may be possible without using mobile data.


2. It provides quick outcomes.

Through MMS marketing, businesses can see who has received, viewed, and clicked on links from MMS messages they have sent. It aids in the development of insights for expanding their outbound marketing strategy and accelerating results.


3. Personalizes it more

Receiving a text message is intimate enough as it is, but getting an MMS with photographs of goods or services you were looking for is great. It gives the impression that the audience is the focus of the message.


4. Offers affordable marketing

Much less expensive than other forms of marketing are SMS and MMS. Even more environmentally beneficial than distributing flyers and printed pamphlets, it is this. Nowadays, SMS/MMS broadcasting is more economical, costing as little as 2 per message.


5. Embrace international marketing.

Businesses may connect with their consumers on a worldwide scale by using MMS marketing. Nowadays, most devices are made to be more open to other networks on a global scale. Wherever your audience is, you can reach them.


6. Promotes more effective dialogue

Humans are wired to respond more effectively when given visual cues. Others may find texting uninteresting. Given that it provides more context for the dialogue with your audience, an SMS with visuals may receive more responses than an SMS alone.


MMS marketing guidelines

1. Encourage audience participation.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 must be complied with by marketers. Due to legal compliance, they are required to obtain the recipient’s permission before sending them promotional messages. Campaigns using SMS and MMS fall under this.


To further entice your audience to join your messaging list, MMS enables your campaign to deliver visually appealing invitations. Your audience is more likely to open photo messages since they are intuitively simpler to skim and scan, especially MMS, which piques interest. The only thing left to figure out is how to make your MMS engaging enough to grab viewers’ attention shortly after they open the message.


2. Creatively utilize MMS.

MMS is only as effective as its ability to effectively communicate your marketing message. If you want your MMS marketing to be successful, you must take your audience and goals into account. The content you want to provide to your audience can be found here. Include pertinent information in your MMS. Your SMS message should always be a compliment.


Be as precise and succinct as you can. Only a few megabits of data can be sent in an MMS message. In your designs, incorporate strong call-to-action terms. To accommodate visual impairments like color blindness, use friendlier color schemes. When building your MMS templates, make the most of the font size and permitted size.


3. Select the ideal moment to send an MMS.

It doesn’t follow that you can contact your audience whenever you want just because MMS affords you the possibility to do so. There is always an optimal moment to communicate with a particular group of people in order to get your message heard and understood. You can get assistance with this activity from your marketing or sales automation system.


To maximize the return on your MMS marketing expenditure, you must understand how to develop a lucrative SMS marketing strategy. Your sales and marketing automation solution can be configured to help you better understand your target market. In accordance with your marketing procedures, you can set the time and trigger messages. After a potential conversation, you can follow up with an MMS message that includes a leaflet.


4. Correctly resize your MMS

Some members of your audience might be smartphone-free or using mobile data. If your MMS has an attachment, you don’t want to use up all of their mobile data or make it difficult for them to download it. For this reason, you must consistently and appropriately resize and optimize your MMS before sending them.

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