Dealer Texting Solutions for Marketing Car Dealerships

Utilize SMS marketing to attract more customers to your dealership. Whether you specialize in new or pre-owned vehicles, SMS can enhance sales, streamline customer communication, and surpass competitors. Discover how SimpSocial’s Dealer texting solutions for car dealerships can enhance marketing reach and customer satisfaction.

Dealer texting solutions for car dealerships

Unlock the full potential of Dealer texting solutions for car dealerships.

46% of customers anticipate post-purchase communication from the dealership. This prompts the question: are you engaging with follow-ups effectively, equipped with the right communication tools?

Tap into the full potential of texting for car dealerships. Dealer texting is a powerful means to cater to customers, follow up on sales, and promptly address leads. Drive sales by offering incentives, gather feedback through polls and surveys, and target high-converting customers. With SimpSocial, streamline communication workflows and liberate sales advisors’ time. SMS is swift, convenient, and cost-efficient.

Closing a sale requires consistent communication with leads, from initial interest to finalizing the deal. SMS for car dealerships is a premier method to maintain contact throughout the sales process, preferred over email and phone calls. Explore the efficacy of car sales text messaging today.

It’s speedy and enables quick communication.


SMS provides a rapid means to connect with your clientele and prospects. With its succinct format, text messaging outpaces phone calls and email exchanges. Clients favor the brevity of texts over prolonged phone dialogues, and emails often languish in crowded inboxes. Moreover, the typical text message garners attention within three minutes of receipt. Leverage SMS to promptly engage leads and sway them towards your dealership.

It provides your dealership with a competitive edge.


Utilize texting to differentiate your dealership within the auto dealer industry. Employ SMS marketing to showcase exclusive deals, update leads on inventory, and notify customers of available test drive slots. SMS campaigns outperform email marketing by sevenfold, with text links boasting higher click-through rates. Additionally, leverage SMS for prompt lead follow-ups, soliciting reviews, and more. Embrace the advantage of SMS for car dealerships. Stand out amidst competitors, leverage cutting-edge marketing tech, and engage directly with customers wherever they may be. Achieve all this with car dealership texting software.

It’s budget-friendly and more economical than alternative marketing methods.


SMS marketing not only provides real-time customer reach but also proves to be more cost-effective than other marketing channels. With an impressive return on investment, it outperforms unopened email campaigns and unanswered cold calls. By directly reaching clients or leads on their mobile phones within minutes, SMS marketing proves its efficiency.

Moreover, SMS marketing is scalable and contributes to meeting revenue targets for your dealership. With its low cost-per-open rate, remarkable click-through rate, and high conversion rate, SMS stands as a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Overall, integrating text messaging into your dealership’s marketing strategies often leads to higher conversion and customer retention rates compared to those without it.

It’s easy to use and accessible from any location.


You don’t need complex or costly hardware. With SimpSocial dealer SMS, you can send car sales text messages from anywhere with an internet connection. Enjoy messaging from your desktop, laptop, or tablet, or use our mobile app for on-the-go texting. Enhance operational efficiency by creating workflow automations or scheduling automated messages.

You can also schedule reminders, book appointments, send documents, and follow up with customers automatically. With SimpSocial dealer SMS, text message marketing and communication are simple and convenient.

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Enhance business communication and streamline operations with SimpSocial’s dealer texting solutions capabilities.

  • SMS Appointment Reminders
  • Automated Texting
  • Bulk SMS & Attachments
  • Two-Way SMS Messaging
  • Set up accounts for team members or dealership branches.
  • Streamlined phone number registration for car dealerships.

Car dealerships, like any business intending to text customers, must now register their phone numbers due to a requirement introduced in 2023 by mobile carriers to combat spam texting. This registration process entails providing details about the brand, texting use case, and opt-in information.

Despite being a new requirement, the process is hassle-free with SimpSocial. Our platform allows car dealership customers to register their phone numbers seamlessly within our app. We offer built-in forms to guide users through the process and have a dedicated support team available for any inquiries. Additionally, SimpSocial handles the submission of registration information on behalf of users.

While awaiting approval for your number, you can explore features, create SMS templates, and set up automations within the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about dealership texting

Absolutely! SimpSocial provides the functionality for auto dealers to segment their contact lists based on different criteria. You can divide your contact list by factors such as location, price range, or specific car brands customers are interested in. For instance, you can assign tags or internal labels to identify customers as Mercedes clients or Toyota clients. In essence, SimpSocial dealer SMS offers customization options, enabling your team to efficiently target campaigns to the appropriate contacts.

Certainly! At SimpSocial, we assist all users in sending SMS messages while adhering to regulatory standards. Our experienced team can aid your business in registering with the Campaign Registry and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. We are a certified provider of dealer texting solutions, offering essential features to keep your dealership compliant.

SimpSocial facilitates communication by integrating with several mediums. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Pipedrive, and more apps are integrated with SimpSocial dealer SMS.

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