Tips on Maximizing Leads with Social Media for Auto Sales


If you came on this article on our blog through Googling “maximizing leads with social media for auto sales,” first and foremost, welcome. Second, your dealership most likely requires SimpSocial. Fortunately, at SimpSocial we specialize in increasing our clients’ online auto leads. Every day, we generate thousands of internet auto leads for our client dealerships all across the country. How are we going to do it? Using our revolutionary SimpSocial software and Facebook and Instagram advertisements. We’ll provide some suggestions for creating more online auto leads in this blog article, as well as explain how SimpSocial can help your dealership generate more leads online.





Everything about selling automobiles has evolved. With the internet’s arrival, the COVID-19 epidemic, and other changes affecting the automotive sector, it’s time to reconsider how car dealerships operate. The first step in this procedure is to figure out how to generate more online car leads. Car purchasers nowadays spend 61% of their time researching autos online. So, where should your auto leads come from? Online! Unfortunately, many vehicle dealerships haven’t changed their ways in a long time. Nothing, however, will change if nothing changes.


Some shady auto marketing firms may tell you that the best way to get more online auto leads in 2021 is to buy a list of auto leads (don’t) or hire a Facebook event company (absolutely don’t). We’re more than a one-hit wonder at SimpSocial. We can assist you in achieving long-term dealership success.


Take, for example, our client Seguin Chevrolet, with whom we’ve been working since late 2018. Since then, we’ve had an incredible success rate in converting Facebook leads into sold autos. For every 27 leads, they sell a car! They aren’t the only ones, either. Other dealerships that chose to collaborate with SimpSocial have had a lot of success. We are the key to auto dealerships generating more internet leads in 2021.


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When you needed more vehicle leads in the past, you might have relied on more traditional lead generating methods like print ads or billboards. We’re sorry to tell you this, but if you’re still employing these lead generation tactics, you’re as old as a dinosaur. Cold phoning leads is also a thing of the past.


You must change in order to compete in the car business and generate more leads in 2021. Adaptation is critical for survival in any industry, but especially in the vehicle sales industry. Lead generation has evolved, particularly in the automotive industry. Customers are gaining an increasing amount of control over the process. It’s time for your dealership to reclaim the lead when it comes to lead generating. Switching from an outgoing to a tailored, inbound model is how you thrive in lead generation in the modern automotive sector. That’s exactly what SimpSocial has done.


When they first hear the phrases “Instagram advertisements” or “Facebook ads,” many dealership owners tremble. You, on the other hand, have nothing to be concerned about. SimpSocial creates and posts advertising promoting your greatest inventory, deals, and specials for you. Then we converse with the prospects until they’re ready to visit the dealership.


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We could go on and on about how to find additional auto leads for your dealership throughout the rest of this post. Alternatively, if you work with SimpSocial, we can produce online auto leads for you. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate on what your dealership does best: selling vehicles. No more squandering time trying to think of new ways to increase your dealership’s internet lead generation.







But how are we going to accomplish it? Social media is crucial to SimpSocial’s lead generation performance. We collect a large number of auto leads using Facebook and Instagram. With our advertisements, we cast a wide net to capture potential clients for your dealership at every stage of the sales process. Some customers may have been perusing the internet and weren’t shopping for a new car, but were drawn in by your advertisements. Others may have already been looking for a new vehicle and are now ready to purchase from you rather than your direct competitor down the street.







To get auto leads online, you’ll need to use Facebook and Instagram ads. We’ve spent more than $35 million on Facebook and Instagram ads at SimpSocial. We have the knowledge and data to understand conversion patterns and how to build effective social media ads for auto dealerships.


Covert Buick GMC, one of SimpSocial’s clients, received 334 leads in one month and sold 30 cars. That’s just one of our customers! How does that compare to the current sales figures at your dealership? I’m guessing it’s much higher.







The best part about SimpSocial is that we don’t just increase your dealership’s online leads. We will also follow up on those leads on your behalf. Our Text Ninjas follow up with the leads we generate for you immediately away and on a frequent basis until they’re ready to visit the dealership and purchase a vehicle. Then we hand over all of the specifics of our conversation with the potential client, and your sales staff completes the transaction and hands over the keys.


Don’t squander any more of your salespeople’s time with CRMs. Instead, join forces with SimpSocial. We assist car dealerships in selling more cars in less time, and we have the facts to back it up. Contact SimpSocial immediately if you want to 10x your return on investment. We are completely committed to your success.


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SimpSocial is the future of car dealership lead generation, and it’s already here. SimpSocial’s system is effective. We not only produce your online auto leads, but we also assist you in scheduling appointments. Then it’s only a matter of selling the autos.




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How are we going to do it? We offer visitors around your dealership the best inventory and the most recent specials. We take them straight from Facebook and Instagram to your dealership and into their new car. We are the dealership marketing proof that selling vehicles on Facebook doesn’t require lying. So please don’t do that! Instead, put your faith in SimpSocial’s automobile marketing professionals. We’ll assist you in selling cars while maintaining the trust of your market and clients.

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