With the help of your contact center, you will increase the productivity of your sales team.

It all comes down to success and efficiency, even though you have a winning contact center squad. Contact centers are used in almost every industry and include a variety of procedures that are managed by different people in various departments. The majority of workflows are intertwined and interdependent on one another. It can quickly fall apart if there isn’t a strong flow and system in place.

The reliability of a contact center is the gold standard for determining if your system is better for the people it serves and vice versa. This will help the company grow by increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the best contact center tips and activities we’ve gathered from active call centers:

Streamline each procedure.

Any organization’s performance is dependent on its processes. You should be able to recognise the system’s flaws and holes, as well as which aspect of the process consumes the majority of your agent’s time. Transparency should be implemented at all levels of the enterprise so that even minor issues can be resolved before they become a major headache.

It’s perfect for new contact center teams to develop a consistent workflow structure and ensure that it’s implemented across all departments. You’ll be able to assess their performance rates and see which parts of the process need to be improved using the KPIs you set.

Use a skill-based routing system.

Use skill-based routing to intelligently delegate inbound calls to various people within the company. This allows you to guide callers to the appropriate individual, speeding up resolutions and ensuring customer satisfaction. Reduced handling time also allows the agents to focus on more issues.

For example, you might delegate product demonstrations, implementation, and training to onboarding agents first. As a result, the contact center program you’re using should be capable of performing these tasks.

Manual activities should be eliminated.

Your salespeople aren’t robots, to your surprise. They will spend more time on meaningful human interactions by reducing repetitive and machine-like activities. When performed in large amounts, a simple task like dialing numbers, for example, will take a long time. Manually logging all calls or connections at the end of the day is the same. It’s not only an additional mission, but it’s even more prone to human error.

Fortunately, there is now a plethora of tools and programs that will assist you with these activities. Look for one that has a smart sales dialer and makes it easy to keep track of customers. Instead, the agents should concentrate on providing excellent service.

Coach and supervise live calls.

Coaching and tracking the hired agents while on a live call, no matter how experienced they are, is always a major help in the company. This assists the team in aligning their priorities with the company’s, creating happier customers, and identifying pain points among agents. Make sure that someone from each team is solely responsible for this mission.

It’s also crucial to select contact center apps that can handle quality assurance and training. One with a smart telephony system that supports call whispers, live call coaching, and warm and cold transfers is preferred.

Provide opportunities for remote jobs.

Even before the current pandemic, more companies had begun to shift to remote work. Remote work opportunities are also beneficial for salespeople who need to prospect while on the go. Productivity would be less of a problem if contact center software supported teams operating in various environments.

Though working remotely presents many challenges, having a reliable system and software that enables remote work efficiency would be beneficial. Times are shifting, and you should be able to keep up with them.

All should be integrated.

Technology has opened up new ways to communicate with consumers, but it has also created a new problem: the sales team now has so many platforms to handle. This means that a typical salesperson should be able to manage several clients from various channels at the same time. You know that doesn’t look good if you’re having that frame.

Integration is the response you’re looking for. Look for data management systems and platforms that can assist you. The best ones also let you integrate your CRM with their platform, allowing you to sync all you need. Your team’s productivity will skyrocket if you can find anything that gets you this.

Consider using omnichannel prospecting.

Phone calls can still be the most effective way to close deals, but with the evolution of people’s purchasing habits, capturing their attention seems to be more difficult these days. This is why you should try to catch their attention across as many different channels as possible.

For salespeople, omnichannel has proven to be a successful strategy. Apart from tapping into all networks where consumers are, you can also collect all messages in one location for easy management. Find a contact center software that offers omnichannel features that are also user-friendly for your team to make your contact center more effective.

SimpSocial omnichannel prospecting

Workflows can be automated.

Salespeople are human beings with thoughts and feelings, and the last thing you want to do is exhaust them with jobs that have nothing to do with talking to customers. Enable technology to assist you in doing the heavy lifting for them.

While automation can seem intimidating at first, more and more companies are seeing its benefits in terms of team performance. Your agents will have more energy to speak to customers and develop relationships without having to do other things, which means more profits for your company! The next best thing you can do for your sales team while still meeting your business goals is to automate your workflows.

Productivity is the secret.

The capacity of a contact center to keep customers satisfied and meet revenue targets determines its effectiveness. It’s time to rethink the contact center’s productivity if inadequate processes are getting in the way.

Switching to SimpSocial has resulted in increased efficiency for many companies. You will feel the power of an all-in-one contact center app with features like the power dialer, omnichannel support, CRM integrations, automation, and so much more. It also operates entirely in the cloud, allowing you to collaborate with teams from all over the world from wherever you are.

Make the move to SimpSocial today to create a more effective contact center team. Our professionals would gladly assist you.

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