Will You Eat?

Helping a dealer or any business SELL MORE NOW is a key component of Dealer World’s overall strategy. We examine the evaluations and ratings of the company in order to accomplish this. We frequently talk to companies about their online presence, reviews, and connections to the effectiveness of all of their advertising. I find it amusing that occasionally, the connection does not quite “click.”


Nowadays, if I’m in the mood for breakfast, I can go to Google and type in “restaurants near me.” Once I check the ratings, you can bet that even if there is a 3.5 star restaurant within a mile of me, I will drive by it to get to the 4.8 star establishment. I would still go to the store with 4.8 stars even if the 3.5 star firm had an advertisement that was so good I could almost smell the bagels.


The sequence of events in this scenario is as follows:


Google is my go-to resource.

I observed a commercial or a business listing.

I went through the evaluations.

I look up a company’s evaluations before getting into my automobile if I see an advertisement that doesn’t have any. I will keep exploring until I discover a place that makes me want to get in my car and drive there, even if it’s only for a $4 breakfast bagel if the rating starts with a 3 — a 3-point-anything.


It is absurd that some large corporations believe anything less than this will benefit their company. Consider that you are looking to purchase an automobile that costs at least $25,000. Would you travel ten miles in the opposite direction to a dealership with a rating that is a full star higher? Where would you like to go, if all other factors were equal, as they typically are in franchised industries like the car industry: 4.8-star Bob’s or 3.5-star Charlie’s?


That being said, the magic happens if you give your consumers 4.8 stars after showing them an enticing advertisement that makes them want to shop for the offer, the service, and the personality of the store.


Let’s say your excellent advertisement caught the customer’s eye, and they are thinking about visiting your store. However, they first enter a mode of trust and verification. There is a good likelihood that this consumer will move on if they have to explain to their spouse, “Ummm, honey, the deal sounds good, and I know Jack and Diane got a good deal there, but they only have a 3.3-star rating and a bunch of 1 stars.”


The conclusion of the story is that fantastic advertisements and stellar ratings complement each other like milk and Cheerios. Perhaps it is time to evaluate your reviews before you simply stop running the ads if you want to obtain the best ROI from them or if you believe they are not doing as well as they once did.


Look at all of your online evaluations on sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. and ask yourself this question about bagels: If I sold bagels, would people drive past me or pay $4 to dine here? You may anticipate the same response, whether they are looking for a product that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Reviews are significant and have an impact on the effectiveness of your whole marketing plan and budget. Let’s face it, they won’t go away, so your business plan must now include improving the quantity and quality of your reviews.

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