Will AI eventually supplant automotive salespeople?


As a software developer with a passion for technology and a solid grasp of artificial intelligence, I’ve seen firsthand the amazing possibilities of technological advancements. Having worked in the auto industry, I am aware of the emotional nature of the car-buying process. It’s about establishing relationships and offering outstanding customer service that cannot be matched by machines.


We have all followed Carvana’s ascent and decline. They lost money while selling autos. They could only sell cars by selling them for less than they were worth and using their own bank to approve dubious transactions. I don’t believe the method of selling cars without showing any emotion is now profitable. Maybe one day when we’re all driving Tesla egg cars, but for now, emotion is a necessary component of the process.


Having said that, those in the sales industry who embrace technology will have a distinct advantage over those who do not. They can interact with more customers, learn faster, and be more effective thanks to AI. Salespeople may concentrate on developing relationships with customers and provide a tailored experience that resonates emotionally by letting AI handle activities that can be automated.


I know that artificial intelligence can never take the place of the emotional connection that is necessary for a successful sale as someone who has worked in both the car sector and software development. However, it can improve the sales process, allowing salespeople to operate more quickly and intelligently. Additionally, it will exclude those who are transactional and lack an emotional connection with their clients.


The process of developing software is similar. While some software is created transactionally, some software is created with emotion. Developers who delegate transactional busy labor to AI will be able to direct their emotions toward the more important aspects of the software’s function.


This holds true across all businesses, not just the software and automotive sectors. Those who adapt will succeed as technology continues to develop and become increasingly incorporated into our daily lives, while those who do not risk falling behind. It is up to each person to choose how they will handle this new era of invention and technology.


Although AI has the ability to completely transform the auto business, it can never fully replace the human connection that is necessary for a successful sale. The salespeople who embrace technology will prosper, while those who don’t may find it difficult to keep up. My own experience has shown me that success in every industry, including the automobile sector, depends on the ability to adapt to change.


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