Why Your Homepage Banners Should Be Limited

Three banners may be seen in the backdrop while the cartoon designer is seated at the computer.


6% of all homepage clicks go to banners.

Only 1/4 of the 6% of clicks go to banners in the second position.

SimpSocial advises using no more than three banners.


Please keep reading to learn all of the key findings from our main research.


website banners.


They are frequently the main means by which car dealerships inform customers about promotions and deals. Many general managers and dealer principals attempt to establish — or assign their agency partner the responsibility of creating — a baker’s dozen each month, despite the fact that these efforts are admirable.


Do you count among them?


If so, we concur. Motivating factors frequently influence this choice:


You need to publicize your sales and offers.

You’ll put on promotion-worthy events.

The homepage provides exposure.

You may personalize banners.


Are these banners on your homepage as effective as you (and we) believe they are, despite the benefits you may believe are bringing customers to your lot, such as visibility and discounts?


Effectiveness of Dealership Homepage Banner by the Numbers

One of our automobile marketing consultants, Nicki Betterbid, examined the homepage banner analytics of 24 clients that shared the same leading-edge website hosting platform during a predetermined period of time. She discovered the following:


Auto buyers clicked on…


49.36% of navigation

Widget for Inventory Search: 29.73%

Videos / Banners on the Homepage: 5.99%


Thus, 1 in 20 searchers who arrived at the homepage of one of our clients clicked on one of the homepage banners. It is real. She dug a little bit deeper into the data after realizing that one out of every twenty people has the potential to buy.


Results for April/May of the Nissan Client Test Nissan Banner


A screenshot of the real data shows that for the months of April and May, the second banner merely earned one-fourth of all hits.


Results of the Kia Client Test for the April/May Kia Banner


You can view comparable stats for all banner clicks for one of our Kia clients here:


15% of clicks on the 2nd banner in April

May: On the second banner, less than 25%

The 24 Automotive Dealership Client Banner Clicks Results

The averages of all banner clicks are shown below:


Banner in the first place: 45.51%

Banner in second place: 25.27%

Banner in third position: 14.37%

Banner at fourth position: 9.42%

The percentage of all homepage clicks that each banner corresponds to is shown below:


Banner in first place: 2.7%

Banner in second place: 1.5%

Banner at third position:.86%

Banner at fourth position:.56%

Recommendations for Home Page Banners

SimpSocial has determined that automobile dealerships would profit from a maximum of three homepage banners based on the information provided.


Even if there is a clear decline in clicks from vehicle shoppers after the first banner, we know from working with numerous dealerships that you need to handle more than one promotion or event at a time.


Please leave your comments in the space below if you have any questions about this advice or the homepage banner strategy in general.


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