Why Your Dealership Needs a Blog and How to Create Quality Content

Wouldn’t it be good to boost your SEO, have more content to offer on social media, and distinguish yourself as a savvy dealer that has its finger on the pulse of the market? We are here to inform you that blogs can accomplish EVERYTHING.


Being productive is important to you as a busy auto dealer, thsoour marketing initiatives should ideally accomplish numerous goals at once. If you believed that using social media was the only effective way to spread the word and that it was all you required to cross “marketing” off your lengthy to-do list, we beg to differ. We understand that blogs are an additional task for you, but we can assure you that they are quite effective.


Since we work in the automobile sector full-time, we have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and we’ve seen how important blog posts can be to both major and small dealerships’ marketing plans. They are far more than merely nice to-haves!


Don’t let the blank page intimidate you; in this article, we’ll explain why blogs succeed online and show you how to start one to solidly establish your dealership.


Describe a blog.


Your blog is a portion of your website dedicated to consistently uploaded articles, which can be about pretty much any topic you desire. These articles are typically written in a more conversational way than your main page content.


What benefits can blogs offer my dealership?


Create authority


You must have a ton of information about cars and a ton of experience. The show, don’t tell’ approach of blogs goes beyond simply assuring your readers of this. They show that you are knowledgeable about the subjects you choose to elaborate on and that you are up-to-date with developments in the automotive sector.


Your marketing efforts should aim to gain the trust of potential customers, and blog posts can help you stand out as the clear choice for such a significant purchase.


Display your products


In the end, the purpose of your company is to sell cars, and you have a forecourt full of models that can accommodate a wide range of requirements. Your inventory certainly includes commuter-friendly runabouts, sporty two-seaters, and family cars. Each of these categories is suitable for a blog post.


Why not discuss your top 5 SUVs or highlight a manufacturer whose models you currently own a lot of?


boost your SEO


This is significant because Google values new content. We’ve already discussed the importance of your page content, but if the language on your website is current, it is not practical nor suitable to continually add pages to keep Google pleased; blogs offer a workaround. A blog page can be regularly updated, giving Google something fresh to index and designating your website as being completely current.


Additionally, the blog content’s writing matters because it contributes to its searchability. With the correct keywords, you can be found in search results for your target consumers’ search terms, increasing the number of views for your blog posts.


Get new perspectives on your company


You can post your articles on social media in addition to showing up in your consumers’ Google searches. If your articles are of high quality, this will increase the number of shares they receive and the number of people who click through to your site. As an authoritative source, other websites may link to your articles, which, let us tell you, makes our SEO team very happy indeed!


How to make effective blogs for your dealership


Make a variety of content


A successful blog strategy depends on a balanced mix of content, and we highly advise against frequent, overt promotion because it won’t be helpful to visitors and won’t improve your Google ranking. Consider the reading preferences and needs of your audience. The following categories are suggested by our content team as places to start for your blog plan:


business news


Every time a new program, piece of legislation, legal change, or automobile news story reaches the news, there is an opportunity to educate your audience and increase your visibility under those trending subjects.


There is a lot to discuss in the automobile industry, including ULEZ, the tax on electric vehicles, APR rates, and model revisions.


Showcase the vehicles you have available.


As we previously discussed, you may get pretty creative with how you present your stock on your blog by describing the advantages of each vehicle, its characteristics, and how it satisfies your client’s needs.


How-tos and advice


Your blog is the right venue to assist your audience with anything from purchasing a car and financing it to maintaining it and keeping operating costs low (especially in the current economy). A well-written post with a little bit of research behind it can be quite beneficial for both your SEO efforts and your reader.


Updates on the dealers


This is where your promotional material enters the picture, so be sure to talk about deals, exciting new products, and big news, as well as behind-the-scenes activity, to humanize your company. A blog is a great resource to link to because social media posts frequently aren’t big enough for back stories, T&Cs, and additional information in general.


Make it pertinent.


You’ll frequently discover that with a top-performing piece of content, you can maintain it updated in addition to picking issues that are “of the moment.” Our content team constantly updates popular articles for our dealers, such as those that concentrate on ULEZ, number plate regulations, and automotive safety technology when new information becomes available.


Write it clearly and concisely.


Break your post up into digestible sections and use headings to ensure that the content flows because a wall of text is neither attractive nor appealing to read.


Embrace key phrases and internal linking


We develop articles for our dealers with relevant keywords and phrases that people are genuinely looking for, including location-based searches that draw local traffic. We do this while wearing our SEO hats.


We frequently perform competitor analysis for dealers who hire us to write blogs by channeling our inner nerds. We can then target those search phrases after seeing what terms our rivals are ranking for that the dealer we’re working with isn’t.


It’s crucial to employ internal links properly since they assist Google in giving your content priority. Internal links are connections within the article that lead to different pages on your website.


Give, give, give


Have we previously discussed this? Not much! That’s because spreading the word about your blog posts on social media is crucial. Google will prioritize the article in the search results as it receives more views and recognizes it as a valuable piece of content. To get things started, share it with people who are already interested (i.e., your social media followers).


How frequently should I publish blogs?


Our content specialists advise doing it at least once per month, but many of our clients want to do it two or four times instead because it works so well and we can handle it for them. This brings us to…


What can SimpSocial do to support my blog?


The abundance of knowledge that our marketing staff can provide you once you join the SimpSocial dealer network is at your disposal. We have competent content writers who can administer your blog, in addition to professional social media specialists. They collaborate with you to identify your priorities and develop material that will support them.


The requirements of each dealership vary, and we take great pride in the blog posts we produce each month, many of which appear on Google’s first page and some of which even earn the coveted Google snippet designation. For instance, our content team has a 50% success rate in getting our friends at Wilsons’ weekly pieces to rank first on Page 1 of Google. That’s amazing in the area of content and SEO!

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