Why Your Company Should Use LinkedIn for Job Ads

LinkedIn’s top-notch platform links business owners, skilled professionals, and up-and-coming talent with other professionals all over the world and has over 740 million individuals and over 55 million firms registered. LinkedIn is used by people to exchange content related to their industry, discover new jobs, and update others about their professional choices. Through LinkedIn, over 35.5 million people have found employment.  

Your company can naturally publish job openings on LinkedIn. To get the ideal people you need, we advise running a sponsored job posting if your company is seeking quality applicants for a certain position. Businesses typically receive three times as many quality applicants when they advertise their job openings. 

LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities

Unlike other social media networks, LinkedIn enables you to target specific populations, such as:

Members can be found depending on the companies they work for.


Degrees and study fields in education 

Job Experience: Titles, Capabilities, and Years

Interest and Traits: Member Groups, Interests, and Traits

Jobs Sponsored on LinkedIn 

If you need to fill many job roles and want to take advantage of the advanced targeting possibilities we mentioned above, we advise using this ad type. This ad format aids in promoting your job opportunities at the top of LinkedIn’s tailored job suggestions and the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” tab on desktop and mobile. Your advertisement will be sent to your target audience via LinkedIn messaging and will appear in their news feed under the jobs category. We can choose your target demographic, area targeting, and ad schedule by selecting sponsored recruiting advertising on LinkedIn.

Dynamic Ad Example: To provide a personalized experience, this will make use of the user’s profile name and image.  


Advertised Job Listings 

Your company must spend at least $20 per day on a particular listing in order to run a promoted job listing. Only when your company needs to fill a specific employment role do we advise using this ad type? The only requirements for this type of advertisement are a description and any other information about the position. These job listings won’t show up on the newsfeed but will surface when a user searches for employment or goes to the jobs tab. For promoted job listings, LinkedIn doesn’t let you select advanced targeting choices; instead, it bases its decision on the keywords in the job description, the location of the vacancy, and previous user activity. The listing’s label will read “Promoted.” The job title and description are all we need to begin working on your upgraded job listing!

Where do I begin?

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To begin using LinkedIn, simply adhere to the easy instructions listed below: 

Contact Experts in social media can be found here. 

Make sure your company has a LinkedIn page.  

Tell us about the position(s) you are hiring for!  

We will suggest the ideal form of advertising for your company. 

Run job postings on LinkedIn! 

LinkedIn job postings are something SimpSocial has expertise with. Our crew is skilled at handling these ads and can assist you in finding excellent applicants for your company. LinkedIn opportunities are proudly provided to our clients by our team of Social Media specialists. To find out how to begin, get in touch with us. SimpSocial (888) 829-1110

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