Why You Shouldn’t Use Just One Sales Channel

Why You Shouldn’t Use Just One Sales Channel

When it comes to closing deals, phone calls have a long history of proving to be the most successful sales channel of all time. And it’s absolutely true: you can educate a customer about your goods and services, develop a partnership, and close a deal in just one call.

Customers, on the other hand, are shifting, and companies and salespeople should be mindful of how they buy goods. When cold calling customers isn’t cutting it, it’s time to look for other ways to refocus your customers’ attention on your business.

Customers can be engaged across various sales networks.

The days of single-channel sales prospecting are long gone. Customers can be found almost everywhere, and how they want to be met now depends on a variety of factors. This is why, when prospecting, using the most efficient distribution channels approach that customers want is the secret to tapping all customers in your business.

1 – Prospecting via text messaging

Customers today are engrossed in one device they can’t do without: cell phones, which is fortunate for companies. That’s why it’s no wonder that 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, compared to just 26% for emails.

Text messaging can be useful, but you shouldn’t waste your leads’ time by not understanding how to use it properly. Remember, this is a private channel, and the last thing you want to do is send a generic “Hello, how are you?” text message.

In text prospecting, particularly if it’s your first time communicating, don’t forget to introduce yourself, tell them how you got their number, and demonstrate your intent. It’s also a good idea to respect their time by asking when they’d be available to speak rather than pressuring them to respond right away.

2 – Email is a great way to stay in touch.

Emails are still an important way for companies to score customers because they enable you to communicate with your target on a regular basis. The best thing about emails is that they allow you to experiment with various content options for connecting with customers.

Because of its strength, email is the best medium to use as the backbone of your overall sales strategy, with other contact channels supporting it.

3 – Promotional and branding fax marketing

Is it still useful? Fax marketing, like cold calling, is an important advertising channel that you can not overlook. Best for political, non-profit, or real estate sales prospecting, this helps you to flex your branding design muscles with some stunning images, all while keeping your target and company mission in mind.

Personalization and Post-script are the two Ps that will make fax marketing cool again (P.S.) Add a personalization note to your fax so you know who to send it to. P.S. works wonders for non-profit projects and prospecting, allowing you to give your cause one more push.

The all-in-one omnichannel app from SimpSocial

With all of these communication networks considered to be successful promotional tools, the question becomes: how can you deal with them all at the same time? SimpSocial comes in handy in this situation.

SimpSocial’s sales omnichannel framework sets out all of these platforms for you to use and handle in one location, providing a streamlined approach to sales and marketing. It allows you to prospect by messaging, emailing, and faxing your customers. Campaigns are easily enabled by SimpSocial’s comprehensive contact center tools, which also includes outbound and inbound calling.

Prospecting is simple without having to manually enter contact information. It also integrates with your current CRM, allowing you to manage all of your data from one location. Anything you need is right where you need it.

Are you ready to start an omnichannel marketing campaign?

Closing sales isn’t a difficult task. Sales channels are useful tools for connecting with and engaging with consumers, but they also carry a certain amount of danger. We take this burden off your hands with SimpSocial so you can spend more time interacting and conversing with your customers. Please contact us to learn more about our omnichannel features.

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