Why You Need a “No Bull” Messaging Service for Your Dealership

Vendor marketing emails pitching you an overwhelming array of products are bound to inundate you on a regular basis if you work in dealership marketing or at a dealership.


We would be aware. After all, some of those emails are sent by our automobile managed messaging business!


You eventually grow numb to these emails and stop responding to them. Please accept it; it happens. Even if the product is excellent, getting bombarded with emails every day can make you lose interest in the pitch and sales process in addition to your regular tasks.


But before we talk about dealership marketing emails, let’s talk about an underlying issue: is the vendor genuinely aware of your dealership’s needs? Do their ideas actually address the problems at your dealership, or do they merely hurl their items at the wall and see what sticks?


It makes some sense in the era of the internet and short attention spans.


It makes sense to reach out and seize as many people as possible. However, there’s merit to assessing the state of your sector right now and providing your present and potential car sales clients with the best options available.


TLDR: Bullsh*t has become old to people. (Yes, we did say that!)


Prioritize “No Bull” while choosing a vendor.


I’m going to brag a little bit!


At the most recent Earnhardt Auto annual No Bull Upfront awards gala, SimpSocial took home a marketing prize. Since its establishment in 1951, Earnhardt Auto has promoted a “No Bull” experience.


The prize in question? Top Presentation or Pitch. We are grateful to see that an upfront strategy is being promoted with the needs of the client in mind, and we are proud to have received this award.


Look no further than this statement from Earnhardt Auto’s E-Commerce Director, Michael Ruff, for additional context:  “The fact that you outperformed us in marketing had a major role in your victory. We shifted all of our stores from another platform to yours because you so wowed our store managers and us. You accomplished it, in my opinion, using solutions rather than explanations! We also turn down a lot of vendor pitches because they have an answer to an issue that we aren’t attempting to tackle.


Alright, enough boasting. However, we’re overjoyed by these remarks (as well as the spirit overall)!


We want to emphasize how crucial it is to listen to our dealer clients’ needs before offering and developing solutions, which is why we would want to lay down our method for doing so.


Three Benefits of Using a “No Bull” Managed Messaging Service


We’ve already discussed the things that a top-notch managed messaging service should offer! In this article, we’ll discuss what a deserving vendor ought to generally have to offer in terms of possible solutions and alliances that make sense with your dealership.


1. Stays current with market developments.


We have a lack of chips and goods, in case you haven’t noticed! Dealerships have been forced to change their strategies as a result of the industry upheaval. Many have bought their clients’ automobiles and concentrated on their fixed operations because they have no cars to sell.


Despite this historic shift in the industry, we continue to see dealership managers and marketing personnel on LinkedIn complaining about tone deaf vendor marketing efforts that are centered around the only goal of increasing car sales. Say “read the room,” please.


In order to determine which of our products—like our concierge online service scheduling—is a practical solution to any current problems, we thoroughly research current events in the automobile sector while strategizing for prospects.


2. Offers relationship-building calls and discovery services.

It is true that you need to use emails and other promotional materials to promote to vendors extensively. However, it’s during discovery calls that connections are made and problems are solved. We love having talks with potential clients since that’s what we’re all about!


Having a successful discovery call or meeting shouldn’t feel forced. To evaluate needs, get data, and identify solutions, it should be a gathering of creative problem solvers. Furthermore, we don’t believe in forcing a positive outcome if we aren’t a fantastic fit that will genuinely help you in all the methods you require!


3. Provides ongoing assistance and direction.

We do more than only register you and toss you into the wild with our offering. Like any relationship, a great business connection needs ongoing support and communication to make sure both sides are making the most of the agreement.


A specialized support staff at SimpSocial is available to onboard, train, and follow up with clients regarding their experience using the program. Joining us means gaining access to a readily available resource that will help you become the greatest dealership possible.


This is Your “No Bull” Solution: SimpSocial!

Dealerships purchase goods and services from people, not from emails! We are actual individuals that are committed to assisting you in resolving your most urgent issues. Which of our cutting-edge digital tools for the automotive sector will make your digital dealership the best it can be?


Online concierge service with managed messaging powered entirely by people ActivTarget’s Behavioral Offers and Forms Scheduling

DataWise Analytics can improve leads and do so much more!

The main focus is on finding answers and resolving issues. Together, we can explore how SimpSocial might be a great fit for your dealership. We would be delighted to have a nice chat, sit down, and work with you to create a plan that works!

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