Why Keeping a Blog Active Is Still Important

The use of blogs in content marketing is still significant. In this post, you’ll learn more about ways to increase their effectiveness.


Does business blogging still exist today? You had better be serious! In 2022, many business owners will actually want to incorporate blogs into their content marketing plans for the first time. Using blogs, you may inform, enlighten, and interact with your audience. They can also help you improve your internet visibility and rankings while attracting new visitors to your website so you can advance them through the sales funnel.


Is there a tried-and-true method for writing blog posts? Definitely not. However, you can increase their usefulness by using techniques like formatting, keyword research, cross-linking, backlinking, and more.


The lead content creator at SimpSocial offers advice in this article on how retailers and companies can write engaging blog posts and explains why she thinks doing so is still important.


Blogs are well-liked, efficient, and offer the third-highest ROI of any format, according to HubSpot. With 29% of content marketers preparing to utilize blogs for the first time and 10% preparing to invest more in blogs than any other format, the use of blogs will continue to increase in 2022.


Create Your Own Blog Formats

Even though it’s perfectly fine sometimes, your blogs can contain much more than just lengthy text blocks. Don’t be scared to use your imagination when it comes to how you present your data. Here are some suggestions to get you going:




Providing FAQs




posts in “Versus” fashion




Formatting for “How-to”


Add endorsements, comments, or quotes as social evidence.


A competent content producer will use blogs to increase SEO.

Blog articles are a fantastic opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences with your audience, but there are also many opportunities to use innovative and successful SEO techniques in your blog posts to raise your online rankings. Let’s examine a case in point.


In a new Cognito search window, perform a quick search for “When do 2022 Toyotas come out?” The search produced the following results:


Just below a paid ad for the main Toyota website, our client Castlegar Toyota occupied the top position on the first page. Not bad for a family-run dealership in a tiny British Columbian town—they were ranked higher than Toyotamedia.ca, carconnection.comcarsdirect.comtorquenews.comcars.commotorbiscuit.comauto123.com, and motortrend.com!


In order to ensure that our client would appear as high as possible on the Google results page, our writer was able to make use of a toolbox of SEO techniques.


These tactics are something we incorporate into each and every blog post we write for our clients, and we frequently have success with them. We can’t reveal all of our strategies, but if you’d like to speak with our staff about including monthly content development in your company’s digital marketing plan, don’t be shy about setting up a free consultation.




Checklist for Successful Blog Posts

Ask yourself these questions the next time you’re preparing to publish a blog post. Even if you don’t check all of these boxes, doing so will increase the likelihood that your post will be successful in terms of content marketing.


Do you have a thesis or purpose that is clear?


Do all of your other arguments support this thesis or goal?


Have you included pertinent crosslinks to your site to build a “web” around it?


Does your content have a clear call to action?


Have you written a sufficient number of words?


Have headings been used to aid in immobility?


Have any quotations, photos, or other pieces of information that don’t belong to you been given due credit?


Do you have any graphic materials for your readers?


There might be someone—a company, a brand, a website, or a publication—interested in sharing your blog article.


You Should Start Blogging Soon

Blogging is the ideal platform for expressing yourself, regardless of the sector, goods, or services you provide. Get your thoughts down on paper first, then strive to post once a month. Share it with your email marketing list, on social media, or even with your friends and family.

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