Why Do You Need A Power Dialer For Your Sales Team?

Many factors contribute to increased selling power, one of which is having the right resources for the sales team. Your sales dialer is an effective outbound tool that you should be looking into more. Performance, ROI, and the customer-to-agent call ratio are all metrics that look for the smartest, quickest, and best dialer choice for your sales team.

Aside from fully removing manual dialing from your sales process, sales dialers often help your sales team be more productive and achieve bigger goals.

1 – A boost to productivity

Imagine how many dials an agent would make in a day if power dialing would maximize the amount of dials per hour. This not only helps them meet their goals, but it also improves their chances of bringing in more clients. Power dialers will miss bad numbers and voicemails, resulting in more valuable calls for your business.

An unanswered call isn’t the end of the story; power dialers keep track of these calls so you can reach out to them at a later time or with a different approach. You can keep track of events with power dialing by using call dispositions, marks, and notes. Contacts will be maximized as a result, and the chances of converting them to a paying customer will be increased. The ‘Follow The Sun’ feature in SimpSocial’s power dialer allows agents to sort leads by timezone, making call schedules for both domestic and international customers more coordinated.

2 – Reluctance is what Lessens calls it.

The job of a salesperson is not straightforward. Aside from strong communication skills, one must be able to determine when to demand a bid, when to reengage, and when to avoid. A lot of the time, sales teams create call reluctance issues as a result of inadequate call management. Unbeknownst to them, closing further sales needs more than just expertise.

Since it records and monitors calls and results, power dialing will help agents become more successful during any call. Agents will be able to review previous calls, identify areas for improvement, and increase the effectiveness of potential cold calls in this manner.

3 – Increases the number of connections

Smarter sales dialers can dramatically increase link rates thanks to technological advancements. Local presence is a feature of these dialers that allows businesses to dynamically view an area’s local ID to fit the customer’s place. Link rates will increase by 30 to 40% when a cold caller’s area code seems more trustworthy to customers.

Since the first step in establishing a relationship with a customer is making a connection, connection rates are detrimental to cold calling performance. Assume there were contacts who were unable to be linked via phone calls. Power dialers may also send these contacts automated voicemail, SMS, or email sequences, allowing agents to handle them via other networks. This accomplishes two goals: it gives the agents more opportunities to connect with customers, and it gives customers more choices on how they want to be contacted.

4 – Improves call quality

A power dialer not only speeds up the process of communicating with customers, but it also allows agents to plan in between calls. Wrap-up time can be customized to allow agents to relax and plan before speaking with another customer on the phone. This benefits both you and your customers by improving the efficiency of your calls.

Most power dialers often have dynamic call scripts to help agents with their sales pitches. You may be able to find a power dialer that also integrates with your favorite CRM if you’re lucky. An automated dialer would be able to help you know how to pitch and approach each lead if you have lead and contact details in your CRM database.

5 – It has a positive return on investment.

Yes, a monthly or annual subscription is needed, but the benefits you’ll receive are incredible. Call recording and monitoring tools are included with power dialers, allowing you to evaluate the output and workflow of each call. You can see metrics and reports in real time because everything is automatically registered. When you progress against your objectives, this will assist your team in defining better sales strategies.

You can set the speed according to your company’s customer-to-sales representative ratio, allowing your agents to concentrate more on developing relationships now that you have complete leverage. Automated dialing saves time for your agents, allowing them to make more money-generating calls. Furthermore, since everything is included in your subscription kit, you won’t have to think about TCPA fines and penalties, repairs, or machine upkeep.


SimpSocial’s Power Dialer is a good option.

The endless possibilities a power dialer can provide for your company are well worth your sales team’s time and effort. With SimpSocial, you can get all of these benefits – plus an unlimited call plan – in one convenient package!


Enjoy designing call campaigns and cultivating long-term customer relationships. Made possible by a power dialer that automates all of your tasks, and made versatile by CRM software you already use. SimpSocial is unquestionably more than just a sales dialer.


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