Why Do You Integrate Your Contact Center and CRM?

How quickly can you keep up with a rising market and more demanding customers?

Contact centers must find a way to deal with any call, letter, email, or social media post to communicate with customers in an era of endless communication channels.

If you’re already using CRMs to handle your contact lists and phone solutions to connect with them, why not combine the two? Integrating the CRM and contact center apps allows you to manage lists and close deals on your own. This is why.

1 – Calls can be made with a single click.

For contact centers, auto dialers are a godsend. It has made it easier to communicate with consumers over the phone, allowing them more flexibility to focus on more critical things while and sales.

Managing time when engaging your customers would be easier with a click-to-call dialer integrated into your CRM. Your agents will communicate with a lead in a single click once they’ve been registered in your CRM with the details they’ve given. It’s a simple collaborative function that eliminates the need for additional layers of lead management.

You also won’t have to manually import contacts to call if your contact center program has a Power Dialer. Simply sync your CRM’s call list and let the machine ring all of the numbers for you. It’s that easy.

2 – It helps you save time.

Productivity, particularly in a contact center environment, refers to workflow efficiency and effective time management. A CRM that is integrated with your phone system will save you time by allowing you to skip a number of tasks.

Imagine calling your CRM contacts and automatically missing voicemails and bad numbers. Imagine not needing to perform manual follow-ups or other time-consuming activities because you can automate them. You will ensure a smarter system that does the job for you quicker and with less errors by combining your CRM with a contact center phone system.

Keep your HR efficiency preparation and talks to a bare minimum. Your staff will spend more time on matters that need their attention by developing a phone system that integrates with your CRM.

3 – You can monitor all of your channels from a single location.

Managing consumer needs has become much more complex as a result of the various contact networks available today. This is a challenge for all contact centers, which must also contend with the consumer expectations for exceptional service and undivided attention.

Some contact center software has made it simpler by providing omnichannel solutions that you can use. You may handle connections that came from a variety of sources, including phone calls, social media, and instant messengers, in a single folder. By integrating your CRM, you can reach out to your contacts through any channel they choose, capturing their attention.

4 – You don’t have to keep track of anything.

For call center performance, keeping track of all data, calls, texts, and activities is critical. However, data can function separately if you continue to use the CRM and contact center as two separate tools.

There’s no need to manually record anything if you’re worried about it. You can automatically pull all data lists and contacts to keep all databases updated with integrated CRM and contact center apps. Other advanced systems also allow for real-time data synchronization – how convenient!

By merging the CRM and contact center, you can share access to other records such as calls, emails, and agent behavior in addition to customer data. It would be much easier to keep track of anything and report on your compiled list.

5 – More communication features

You’ll be able to take advantage of all of the functionality of both platforms by combining them. We’re not just talking about syncing contact details and relevant data lists. Some integrations are better for the workflows than others.

Do you have a prospect list in your CRM? Set up workflow triggers to automate follow-ups. Have you ever wanted to send valuable information to your mobile customers? SimpSocial’s SMS/MMS campaigns are worth a shot. Integrating your contact center program with your CRM has two benefits: it reduces manual tasks while also adding useful functionality.

Using SimpSocial in conjunction with your CRM

SimpSocial gives you more options for integrating with your CRM. Collaboration is simple and worthwhile when you work with big CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Guesty, or Zoho.

We’ve made the integration between SimpSocial and HubSpot so smooth that switching tabs isn’t essential. From HubSpot to SimpSocial, you can call contacts, sync lists, and automate workflows. You can also send unlimited SMS or MMS to your CRM contact lists, monitor contact details, and record updates in a single database with this integration.

Integration of CRM and contact center apps will be beneficial to both you and your customers. Begin integrating your CRM with SimpSocial; we will assist you with this.

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