When most customers are asked if they enjoy buying a car today, the overwhelming response is NO! According to one poll, most Americans would sooner do their taxes or give up sex than go auto buying. Yikes! Dealerships must modify their business practices in order to thrive and compete with startups such as Tesla, Vroom, and Carvana. Some of you may disagree with what I’m about to say, but please give me a chance to explain myself. There are more effective ways to sell vehicles than putting clients through the wringer.




The global chip scarcity, a drop in truck drivers to convey freight, a lack of inventory, and finding out how to sell automobiles in a post-pandemic environment are all difficulties that today’s car dealerships are dealing with. Let’s face it: in the auto industry, aggressive sales methods are the standard. The automobile industry has developed a dependency on aggressive and demanding sales practices. CRMs have contributed to this mindset. Salespeople are under tremendous pressure to sell cars to leads as soon as possible. Many auto purchasers, on the other hand, aren’t ready to buy a car just a few days after contacting a dealership. Many leads require more time to mature.

The problem is that most dealerships don’t have the resources to follow up on leads for more than a week or a month. As a result, when those leads are ready to sign the paperwork, they go elsewhere. And where do they intend to go? To automobile dealers who do not employ these strategies, such as Vroom and Tesla.

The automobile sector must evolve. It’s time to ditch ineffective sales approaches like cold calling in favor of a system that truly works. Are individuals being treated the way they want to be treated in dealerships?

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You’re probably wondering how I’ll sell any cars if I don’t utilize forceful and aggressive sales tactics. How am I going to keep my volume where it needs to be while meeting my quotas?

The key is to follow up on leads. We’ve been doing this at SimpSocial for a while and have done a lot of study. We discovered that, across all lead suppliers, the average duration from lead to sale is 43 days. It’s been 43 days! Is your dealership spending that much time following up with leads? No, I don’t think so.

SimpSocial is the answer. We have the capacity to follow up with leads indefinitely with SimpSocial : until they buy or die. When you use SimpSocial , you create a working lead pipeline. Here’s how it works: several of our clients can generate up to 3,000 leads. They’re all in the middle of the purchasing process and haven’t responded. We send a text message as a follow-up (text messaging is the way to sell more cars, by the way.) Depending on the message you deliver, a pipeline of roughly 3,000 leads yields a 10% response rate on average. That’s a total of 300 answers! You now have 300 leads who are ready to start talking about buying a car.

You pursue consumers based on when they want to buy a car, not when you force them to buy a car, if you follow up correctly and completely, including using SimpSocial ‘s “Pause” feature. There’s no need to be concerned, though, because there’s never a shortage of people to talk to. Customers will always wait in line for you to speak with them and advance them to the next step in the purchasing process. Perhaps it’s the customer from our previous example who appreciates your patience and follow-up (as well as the fact that you treated them like a person), and they’re ready to schedule an appointment to see the dealership.

The main line is that if your funnel is large enough, you don’t need to be aggressive or forceful because you have a lengthy line of clients waiting to speak with you. When SimpSocial I works silently behind the scenes as a partner for your dealership, delivering leads across the purchase funnel, you have the right amount of follow up.




One of our clients has one B2C employee left. She is responsible for 1100 leads every month for their dealership on her own. She isn’t overworked or irritable. In fact, she claims to be capable of much more!

She gives a lead to a salesman once she has a lead that is ready to come into the dealership. Your sales crew can focus on what they do best: selling vehicles, thanks to our system. Not spending all day on the phone phoning people who are unlikely to pick up the phone, and not wasting hours in a CRM. They’ll be swamped with appointments with customers who are serious about buying a car!

Instead of using your CRM, consider SimpSocial . SimpSocial ‘s system is effective.

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It’s time to change gears from aggressive sales strategies of the past and try a new approach to getting the job done. I truly feel that adjusting sales strategies is critical to the automobile industry’s survival. I want dealerships like ours to prevail in their battles with enterprises like Carvana. If you’re ready to take on the modern world of vehicle sales, contact us to learn more about SimpSocial ‘s system. Let’s sell more cars and put more dreams in people’s driveways!




After a tumultuous few years, many auto dealers are hoping to recoup. It’s time to rev up your engines and bring them back to life.

Consider teaming with SimpSocial if you’re concerned about the worldwide picture of the auto industry as you plan for your dealership’s future. With our cutting-edge technology, Text Ninjas, and effective Facebook ads, we help dealerships sell more automobiles, faster.



We collaborate with your dealership in order to help you sell more vehicles. Our goal is to provide you with qualified leads who are ready to visit a dealership and purchase a new (or used) automobile. Please contact us right away to find out how we can assist you in selling more cars in the coming year.

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