Why and Techniques for Blurring a Car Number Plate

Online, there is a lot of discussion on number plate blurring. Some people believe that since license plates are already visible to the public, there is no need to blur them in photographs. While some believe it is essential for internet safety. In order to protect yourself from stalkers and thieves, market analysts and authorities advise you to blur number plates when publishing a picture of a vehicle online.


It can be time-consuming to edit each individual photograph in Photoshop, masking license plates from all angles, even if it’s just one extra step to assure safety. Why not automate it then?


What is the blurring of the number plate?

Number plate blurring is the term used to describe how a vehicle’s license plates are covered or obscured in pictures. This is done to safeguard the owners of the cars in the uploaded photographs’ privacy. By scanning the number plates, one can learn personal information about the owner of the car, which could be dangerous information in the wrong hands. Mandatory license plate masking is common on automobile listing websites and is done to comply with data protection laws like the CCPA or GDPR.


Why are license plates blurred?

What could a photo of your license plate be used for? a lot, in fact! Posting pictures of exposed car license plates online raises issues with data security and identity theft.


The following are the main justifications for blurring license plates in pictures and videos:


* High-end vehicles are more susceptible to auto theft. You provide all of the information about your car when you post it for sale online. Your address becomes vulnerable to anyone lacking the will to find it when the number plate is visible.


* Identity theft: Your car’s license plate provides easy access to your personal information, which puts you in danger of having your identity stolen.

Stalkers: They are motivated enough to visit you at your address after using your number plate to locate it from a car listing.


* Online anonymity: You must surely blur out your car plate if you don’t want to reveal your identity. Not doing so is equivalent to telling everyone your identity.


Automatically Detecting Car Registration Plates with AI

To determine where the borders of a number plate are located in a picture, artificial intelligence models can be trained on a huge number of photographs. The photos being used are such that even if a number plate is only partially visible, the AI can still identify it.


Without these models, you will need to sit down and individually edit each image, drawing the boundaries of the license plates before adding the blur filter. For a small number of photographs, this may seem feasible, but when dealing with hundreds of images, this is too much trouble. Although you could engage a professional to complete this operation for you, why not employ a quicker, less expensive method?


Instead of paying a professional or spending a lot of time and energy sitting in front of Photoshop drawing number plate boundaries to blur for each individual image, AI-powered automotive solutions like SimpSocial may be used to blur number plates in photos online.


Once the number plate has been detected, altering it is simple.


How to Make User-Provided Photos’ Car Number Plates Blur

Number plate fuzziness need not be a burden. SimpSocial is the only option. Regardless of the angle at which the car is viewed, SimpSocial’s AI model, which was trained on millions of pictures, can reliably identify the number plates and blur them without human intervention.


Select the car selection once SimpSocial’s Darkroom is active. You can choose the modifications you wish to make from the side panel after you upload the photographs you want to alter. A showroom backdrop, window tinting, getting rid of reflections, or blurring the license plate are some examples of these.


Even better, you can employ number plate blur to promote your business. SimpSocial gives you the ability to put your logo on the license plate, turning it into a branding opportunity in addition to being covered up.



Automated editing and moderation of car images

A traditional vehicle photoshoot studio can do all that SimpSocial’s Virtual Studio can. There is nothing SimpSocial’s virtual studio cannot provide, from auto photoshoots to offering all the necessary components for a studio shot, to help you produce high-quality car shots.


Our cutting-edge AI technology gives the sellers the ability to take photos of the cars using their smartphones while guiding them step-by-step through the procedure.


After you take standard automobile pictures with your smartphone, our virtual studio handles all the post-production work, including adding a studio backdrop, creating shadows, replacing the floor, tinting the windows, removing reflections, and more.


You can even use it to make rotating videos and 360-degree car photos without a real car turntable. It’s quite easy to use the AI-powered Virtual Studio.


On your smartphone, download the SimpSocial application.


  • Launch the app’s camera.

  • Sort the pictures into car categories, such as hatchback, sedan, SUV, or pickup truck.

  • Observe the on-screen instructions.

  • begin taking photos or recording movies.

  • You can upload your own background or use one of the provided template backgrounds.

  • The automatic blurring of license plates is available, and you have the option of replacing the registration number with your company’s emblem.

  • On the fly, publish it on web platforms.



For the protection of everyone involved in the purchasing and selling process, it is critical to pay attention to number plate blur when listing cars online. And this no longer needs to be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. You can blur your license plate and use the full range of editing tools with SimpSocial’s AI-powered Virtual Car Studio, which guarantees accuracy and speed. So why are you still waiting? Organize a demo today!

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