Why and How to Use Automotive Social Media Marketing : What impact has social media had on the auto industry? Part 2 Inbox

What impact has social media had on the auto industry?

For a while now, the auto industry has been using social media to advertise its goods. However, as technology develops, the automotive sector is beginning to make use of all that social media has to offer.


Social Media’s Impact on the Automobile Industry


According to the study, 50% of recent automobile buyers made just one dealership visit before making their purchase. As a result, having an informative and user-friendly online presence is more crucial than ever for dealerships.


Social media usage is not at its highest point. The social media scene will only advance as more people conduct online research. Therefore, having a strong internet presence is crucial for every auto shop.


Result for the industry

The automotive business has seen a tremendous transformation as a result of social media. The following are some ways that social media has affected the sector:


Visibility has increased: Social media platforms have made it simpler for automotive companies to become more visible and connect with more people.

A direct channel of communication between customers and businesses is made possible by social media, which has improved customer involvement and feedback.

Better marketing: It has made it possible for businesses to target specific groups with tailored dealership marketing vehicle strategies.

Competitiveness has increased as a result of the easier competition between smaller and larger businesses in the market.

Influencer marketing: Social media has given rise to influencer marketing, in which well-known social media users are paid to advocate goods for the automotive industry.

Real-time updates: It offers real-time updates on the most recent news and developments in the automobile industry, which has raised consumer awareness and interest.

Better brand recognition: It has made it possible for car firms to increase consumer brand recognition and loyalty.

Data analytics: Social media sites offer useful data analytics solutions that help businesses better understand the behavior and preferences of their customers.

Online sales: By enabling automotive businesses to offer items directly to clients online, sales and revenue have increased.

Innovation: New innovations in the automobile sector, such as electric cars and driverless vehicles, have been developed thanks to social media.


What is the primary strategy for how auto dealerships use social media?

The easiest way for dealerships to communicate with potential consumers is through social media channels, particularly when it comes to millennial purchasers.


There is much more to developing a successful social media marketing plan for a car dealership than simply running advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It involves more than just producing leads; it’s also very important to win potential customers’ confidence and develop connections with them.


Auto dealers are constantly looking for innovative ways to reach customers and market their brands. They use automobile movies and email messages with information on discounts and special offers as one method of doing this. When shared on social media, this email content reaches an even larger audience, making it a fantastic method to connect with potential buyers.


Social Media Techniques for Automobile Dealerships

Car dealership social media strategies are typically categorized as either sponsored or organic. Simply uploading content to your channels so that it shows up in a customer’s feed would constitute an organic campaign.


Social Media Techniques For Automobile Dealerships


Sponsored social media involves the display of advertisements on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Reaching a target audience with certain interests is the goal. We can help if you’re unsure of how to increase your online visibility on various social media networks.


These are some examples of social media marketing strategies for auto dealers that may be useful in this effort to attract more potential clients.


1. Facebook consumer targeting

The majority of your customers use Facebook. In order to reach them, you must publish your ads here. Your advertising campaign can be created to focus on specific audiences based on their locations, interests, gender, and car types, among other factors.


2. Increase sales by using Twitter

Customers who buy cars frequently use Twitter. Keyword targeting is a successful Twitter tactic. Using this technique, you can target customers who are likely to buy a car with your messages and ads.


3. Use Instagram to market to millennials.

Facebook users are switching to Instagram, which is mostly used on mobile devices. Instagram is an excellent medium for telling your brand’s narrative because it focuses on sharing photographs and videos. Customers can visualize themselves in that scenario by looking at pictures of your vehicles alongside a beach, a lake, or a campsite. This motivates people to buy something.


4. YouTube video promotion

Car shoppers will contrast makes, costs, safety attributes, walkarounds, and linked technologies. Your social media posts must influence them to choose you. To improve organic visibility, you can host videos on YouTube or embed them on your website.


5. Include Pinterest in your social media plan

Your auto dealer social media marketing strategy should take advantage of Pinterest, which has a user base that is primarily female. Building your SEO auto-presence is also beneficial for posting images of your goods, blog entries, or landing pages.


6. Social media storytelling

Simply posting something to social media is insufficient today. For the customer to have a connection with your brand, you need to provide a highly tailored experience. Storytelling is a potent tool in this sense. You can forge bonds of loyalty with your audience by sharing experiences and humanizing your brand.


Social media reviews matter.

Request online reviews from your clients regarding the support they experienced. Customers research previous customer experiences before deciding whether or not to visit a dealership. It’s crucial to acknowledge and respond to both favorable and negative reviews. It improves a company’s reputation and trust.


8. Put your all into it.

You must be consistent if you want to use social media for auto dealership marketing. You need to communicate with your online followers frequently once they start doing so. If you don’t post for a few days, your viewership will start to dwindle.


9. Post images and videos of the highest caliber.

Shoppers are no longer drawn to straightforward photographs, as demonstrated by the widespread use of Instagram among millennials and Generation Z. More than 70% of users are in the age range of 13 to 34. And they choose to connect with stunning photos that have a strong aesthetic. Thus, professional images can draw potential customers’ attention and then persuade them to make a purchase.


Editing shots of vehicles using SimpSocial’s AI-powered photography and image editing platform could be helpful in this aspect.



For auto dealers trying to establish their brand, social media marketing is a crucial tool.  They use targeted demographics and interesting content to attract new clients online. Dealerships may build a reliable brand and increase traffic to their websites by utilizing sponsored advertising.


SimpSocial is dedicated to assisting auto dealers in the cutthroat world of automotive sales. Our AI-powered platform for editing automobile photographs employs cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision technologies to produce beautiful and accurate images of high-quality cars.


We are able to assist dealerships in making time and money savings while still providing consumers with excellent quality and value by leveraging the power of AI and automation. So, if you want to boost the effectiveness of your social media marketing for auto dealers, think about working with SimpSocial and discovering the potential of AI for yourself.

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