What You Should Know Before Making the Switch to Linear Attribution

You can select the attribution model you want to employ in Google Ads, allowing you to control the proportion of credit each click receives for a conversion. These models can help you gain a better idea of how your advertisements are doing and can assist you with conversion path optimization. Attribution models, however, do not apply to Display Network Ads and are only available for Shopping Ads and the Search Network. Attributions are only accessible when you build up conversions within the Search Network or for Shopping Ads for website, Google Analytics, phone calls, and import conversion actions.


You are undoubtedly accustomed to seeing the last click attribution model used to build up the majority of conversions. According to last click attribution, the most recent advertisement and associated keyword receive full credit for any conversions. This implies that only the brand would be given credit for a conversion if a searcher initially finds the site using a model keyword but later returns and converts using a brand keyword. Numbers would appear as follows on Google Ads’ conversion actions tab:


The linear attribution approach may be useful in the event that Google discontinues last click attribution support at some point this year. All contact points are given equal credit for that conversion when using linear attribution. Each term and ad would be given equal credit for a conversion, for instance, if a searcher initially arrived at the site using a model keyword and then returned and converted using a brand keyword. Searchers frequently invest a lot of time in their research, and during that time, they could return back multiple times via PPC and other keywords. All touch points would be given credit in a linear attribution model. Instead, numbers would appear as follows in the Google Ads conversion actions tab:


When using linear attribution, you can still see the number of conversions per campaign and even which term is converting, just like you could with any other attribution model. Now that you can see which other campaigns are assisting in conversions, you can improve the optimization of your account.


There are a few different attribution models available that you may utilize as well, so be sure this is the best fit for your business objectives before switching to linear attribution! Make careful to swap everything over on the first of the month if you believe that linear attribution is the best match so that you may compare recent data.


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