What is the best way to boost sales at a dealership? Recognize Your Service Users.

Customers now connect with your dealership in a significantly different way than they did 20 years ago. Your clients used to take their kids into the dealership had little knowledge of the models on your lot, and came to see you because they had previously made a purchase from you or because they lived close by. They anticipated telling their salesperson what they were looking for.


Customers increasingly anticipate you to anticipate their needs.


It is challenging to anticipate needs when the typical vehicle owner waits 6 years between purchases. What they’ll look for next will depend on a number of factors:



employment situation and pay


relational status

changing the number of kids living there


Every aspect concerning every customer is impossible to know. However, market information, consumer trends, and demographic groups might provide you with the information you need to get close. You can clearly see which clients are most likely to make a purchase when you combine that data with your DMS data. The data suggests an offer based on customer requirements and trends by comparing your customer to other people who are similar to them.


What is the best application for that information?  Your auxiliary drive.  When you ask service customers about their present needs, especially when you know there is a good chance they will make a purchase, you may swiftly turn them into sales leads.


Every profit center in the dealership benefits from a successful service to sale:


High-quality trade-ins for resale on the lot or at auction in the used vehicle department

To replace stale inventory and fulfill OEM incentives, the new sales department is selling vehicles.

Finance & Insurance Division: Additional insurance coverage or warranties

Internal ROs and a greater possibility of continuing service: Parts and Service Department


You have a better chance of closing the deal if you can approach a potential customer before they begin looking. You may create the ideal strategy by fusing predictive analytics with your customer data.


No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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