What is marketing via text messages?

Text messages are used by marketers to convey transactional messages, promotional communications, and other types of marketing communications. This strategy enables brands to reach customers practically quickly on their mobile devices, making it most commonly utilized for communications that must be time-sensitive.


As a channel to add to their omnichannel approach, SMS text message marketing is incredibly helpful for marketers since it allows them a direct line of communication with clients that isn’t competing with a colossal amount of communications, which is the difficulty with email.


What is the process of text message marketing?

Rather to using full phone numbers, short codes are typically used to send marketing text messages. These numbers, which are normally between five and six digits long, can either be associated with a particular sender or shared by a number of senders that use the same service.


Since many nations don’t permit the sender information to be changed, the text message will frequently display in your customer’s phone as though it were sent from the short code. Because of this, it is crucial to add the company name in the text message someplace (preferably towards the beginning so that it appears in the preview text) so that the recipient can identify the sender.


What is the purpose of text message marketing?

There are many inventive methods for brands to employ text message marketing, but there are two popular use cases that are frequently attractive to marketing teams.


The first is short-term promotions, which are primarily utilized by retail and e-commerce companies. For instance, leveraging text message marketing as one of the communication channels might assist a brand attract more customers to their website if they are running a limited-time discount coupon, sale, or sitewide promotion.


Sending essential updates regarding events that clients may have registered for is the second most frequent application of text message marketing. Any modifications, cancellations, and real-time updates can be quickly sent via text message, and there is less likelihood that they will end up in the recipient’s spam folder. The relationship between a brand and a customer can be maintained by using this strategy to share updates about a customer’s purchase.


What advantages does text message marketing offer?

There are several advantages for marketers who make the most of their text messaging marketing channel:


It offers an additional communication channel that gives an omnichannel marketing strategy maturity and breadth. In turn, this can improve the consumer experience and help the company establish a stronger reputation.

Compared to email, text message marketing has greater open and engagement rates. This indicates that it’s a more dependable medium when a firm needs to give clients rapid and significant marketing messaging.

Text message marketing is the most direct line of communication that brands may have with the bulk of their customers because almost everyone owns a mobile phone and keeps it with them at all times. Having said that, astute marketing teams are aware that using this channel excessively might cause problems.

It promotes trust and a closer, more intimate relationship between businesses and their clients. This is especially crucial now as consumers expect more individualized brand encounters.

It can be simple to overlook text message marketing when social media and email are such effective communication tools for marketing teams. With all the advantages it offers, it’s a crucial component of an effective omnichannel marketing strategy.

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