What is customer service via SMS?

Any assistance your company offers clients via SMS text message is referred to as SMS customer service. SMS customer support interactions are solely text-based and conducted via text messaging. As a component of an omnichannel customer care strategy, this method is frequently employed.


SMS customer service can be a crucial component of a conversational messaging strategy as customers seek increasingly real-time, tailored, and conversational experiences. Additionally, those who frequently communicate while on the go and in between other activities find it far more convenient to interact with brands via text message while using their mobile device.


What advantages does SMS customer service offer?

Businesses across all sectors are taking customer feedback to heart and implementing business SMS for a range of purposes, from marketing and sales to customer service. These are some of the factors that have contributed to the adoption of SMS customer service:


SMS is the most popular texting service among Americans, making it simple to communicate with customers and provide prompt customer support.

Customers may have more personalized and conversational experiences through SMS exchanges, which helps brands increase engagement and trust.

Additionally, these communications are more practical because clients can be contacted instantly via their mobile devices and can engage in two-way SMS conversations to swiftly acquire the information they require.

The time it takes for customer service staff to resolve a ticket can be cut in half by offering real-time assistance.

When compared to phone calls, using an SMS customer service platform and approach can frequently be more affordable and scalable. This is especially true if you choose a platform that automates some customer support texts.

Consumers are increasingly demanding real-time 1:1 conversations with the companies they buy from on their phones as a result of these internal and external drivers, which are driving the continued adoption of this strategy.


Techniques for increasing SMS customer service


Adopting an SMS customer support product is a wonderful initial step, but astute teams are advancing this strategy by making adjustments. This involves utilizing a few of the strategies listed below:


* Send customized, timely messages. exceptional client service SMS should be timely, and discrete, and build first-name relationships between brands and their customers.

Whenever feasible, converse in real-time. Customer support teams should take advantage of texting because it is quicker than most other forms of communication. If a consumer contacts you or asks a question, you should reply as soon as you can to ensure a swift resolution.

Where appropriate, automate some discussions using scheduled messages. A busy team might save time by using SMS customer service software that plans and sends messages automatically.


* Use bots to provide immediate responses to some questions. Automated bots function similarly to a FAQ page by enabling users to access the information they need, when they need it.

Send alerts and reminders for appointments via SMS customer service. Text messaging can help customer care personnel be more proactive in their support efforts. Reminders and alerts sent by text are a wonderful way to make sure that customers read them and grow their trust in the company.


* Utilize surveys and polls to gather customer feedback. Brands can use text messaging systems to reach out to customers and ask for fast feedback.

Everybody should keep in mind that an SMS text message strategy needs to be well thought out. Customers shouldn’t ever feel overloaded by the volume of communications they get from customer care representatives since it’s crucial to send each message at the appropriate time and in the proper context.

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