What HaChanged in Digital and Media?

Digital media and advertising are constantly evolving fields. So, with things changing so quickly, how can your SEO, paid search, and social media strategies stay current? You can rely on your knowledgeable marketing partner, such as SimpSocial, in this situation. We continuously monitor emerging trends and technology. Let’s examine some of the most recent developments in media and the digital sphere and how they might assist you advance your initiatives.



The largest development in search engine optimization is still more than a year away. But you should still get acquainted with it right away. When it comes to SEO, it’s crucial to be aware of modifications in advance and to be ready for them.


Change now to Year-over-Year Data Tracking

It is simpler for marketers to transition to GA4 before the deadline. It may enable you to gain an advantage over your rivals, become familiar with the new metrics, and start collecting data on them right away. When other organizations are beginning over next summer, year-over-year (YOY) data will be helpful.


New things must replace the old.

The metrics used to track data have changed in Google Analytics version 4 (GA4) in order to advance the software. Bounce Rate and unique pageviews are a couple of the well-known indicators that will gradually be phased out. However, a number of new metrics will be used, including:


Any session that lasts longer than 10 seconds, has at least two pageviews, or leads to a conversion is tracked by engagement rate.

Users who have been active over the past 28 days are referred to as “active users.”

Similarly, while some indicators will remain the same, there will be major changes. In Pageviews, for instance, repeated views of the same page are now counted together with the number of pages a visitor visits. Only conversion events that have been configured in Google Tag Manager will be considered when calculating conversions.


Benefits of GA4

Businesses and advertisers alike will profit from the introduction of GA4 in new ways. Some of the new features with many benefits range from acquiring data to making data tracking easier and more secure.


Cross-Platform Tracking: The Google advertising platforms are seamlessly integrated with GA4. Campaigns may learn more, perform better, and provide clients an even larger return on investment (ROI) thanks to the improved data monitoring across platforms.

Data between subdomains is automatically tracked via subdomain tracking, as with digital retailing solutions.

Forecasting metricsanalyzes other measures, such as user engagement, to predict how a certain user could behave in the future.

A deeper understanding of the buyer’s journey is provided through machine learning on a number of platforms and devices.

More Privacy centeredGA4 provides more trustworthy data tracking and peace of mind with an increased focus on security.

More Complete Reports

New metrics lead to new reports. More data viewing and analysis options provided by GA4 enable you to make the necessary updates to your campaign, website, or mobile app moving ahead. A few of these fresh reports are:


The reporting center that provides information on users and their activities is the Explorations Tab.

By allowing you to add steps to the checkout process, the funnel exploration tool aids in the analysis of digital retailing solutions.

Next Steps—Allows you to view each step a user takes, along with the point at which they departed from the funnel, enabling you to make the necessary corrections.

To provide further information about how SEO-friendly your content and campaign are, the Free Form Report compares search query volume to keyword density.


The SimpSocial Team’s Reply

How then is SimpSocial getting ready for the switch to GA4? Actually, we have already. The Automotive Standards Council for Google Analytics 4 was founded by SimpSocial. The enables us to participate in discussions on industry standards and operate as a resource for suppliers, manufacturers, and dealers.


Additionally, we’re continually keeping an eye on both GA4 and Universal Analytics to ensure that our staff and our clients are prepared for the switchover next year.


Pay Per Click

Paid Search techniques are always changing, much like SEO. Google is preparing to maximize the outcomes of individual advertising and campaigns as a whole by gradually phasing out existing forms of ads and introducing new ones. Recent changes in paid search include the following:


Rollout of VLA

Auto retailers seek to highlight their available stock. Customers like to browse the selection before making a purchase. Vehicle Listing Ads (VLA) are here and they will help both parties. Although they have only recently been introduced, these advertisements offer dealers a terrific chance to advertise their vehicles.


So how do they function? Google learns about your account, its target market, how people are interacting with the advertisements, and how conversions take place through machine learning. This process typically takes between two and three weeks, though it can take a little longer for new accounts than it can for existing ones.


The VLA is operational and optimized once that is finished. You can display pictures and details about the vehicles in your inventory directly beneath Google’s search box. A user can click on a vehicle to be taken directly to your website if it piques their interest. This can help your automobile campaign in a number of ways, including:


choose to display just the listings that are most pertinent to a user’s search criteria.

Showing clients important information will produce more qualified leads.

Increase awareness of your company and your choice

increase conversion optimization both online and offline

Dealers can display their new and used inventories using VLAs. In either case, there are a few actions dealerships should take to guarantee VLAs are beneficial to them.


Keep a nice selection of automobiles on hand first. Google can display more listings the more goods you have. Include high-resolution images of each car, second. As a visual medium, VLAs require compelling visuals to engage viewers.


Expanded text ads have evolved.

Expanded Text Ads are being phased out this summer, and Responsive Search Ads are taking their place. Expanded Text Ads cannot be added or modified after June. They are switching over to responsive search ads instead.


You can enter numerous headlines and descriptions in a responsive search ad. This enables Google to automatically test various combinations to determine which ones work best. In essence, it responds to what works best to produce the best possible advertisement.


Google can convert Expanded Text Ads for firms who already use them. However, it’s still a good idea to construct them from scratch in order to improve the likelihood that your campaign will be successful.


Experience Performance Max

Google’s Performance Max campaign was launched in the second quarter of 2022. It enables advertisers to incorporate numerous Google services and products into a single campaign. This covers graphics, video, Google Maps, Gmail, and other services.


Performance Max is already taking local campaigns and smart buying campaigns into account. By the end of this year, in September, these upgrades should be finished. This is now being tested by SimpSocial for a small number of chosen car groups, who anticipate positive outcomes.


on social media

Social media platforms are enhancing their user-friendly functions by introducing additional customization and engagement choices. Updates like these can help clients, brands, and individual individuals increase their social media presence:


Pin more Instagram content

Instagram users will be able to pin up to three natural posts or reels to the top of their profiles starting in June 2022. This is a fantastic chance for branding. Pin a couple UPSs or your company’s most popular blog entries to attract customers right away.


These posts should be considered a branding initiative because they will be the first things visitors see. Pinned posts are a terrific way to advertise specific deals, specials, or goods in addition to presenting your company. However, since social media is all about remaining relevant, it’s a good idea to switch things out and pin fresh content sometimes.


Facebook Basic Ads: Keep Things Safe & Simple

Facebook is introducing anonymous user data-free Basic Ads. They rely on involvement to reach a wider audience rather than deliberately targeting particular audiences. They become more privacy friendly as a result, and this is a wise long-term strategy for increasing brand recognition.


Additional Options for Reels

In an effort to compete with TikTok, Meta is expanding the features of Reels to provide consumers more choices. This entails extended run periods, the ability to sync sound, and the use of interactive stickers. Users will now have more discretion over where their Reels will be located in addition to editing. The Watch tab, Facebook stories, and feeds are a few placement alternatives.


From a marketing perspective, these modifications enable companies to engage with clients more frequently and thoroughly.


Enhanced Interest in Avatars

TikTok and Meta are inviting you to step into their platforms with digital avatars. These avatars will serve as a virtual representation of users on TikTok and in the metaverse. Both companies are still in the development phase, but digital avatars offer all sorts of possibilities for advertising and the customer experience. Be on the lookout for more updates on avatars later this year.


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