What Every Dealership Leader Needs to Know About Leadership

Being a good boss is not the same as being a good leader. Find out more about the particular leadership attributes that will benefit your dealership.


If you’re reading this blog piece, then you probably already know that an auto dealership is an establishment that needs strong leadership to prosper. A businessperson must be knowledgeable about both the different facets of a dealership and how to effectively manage the staff members. Your dealership wouldn’t last very long without your sales staff, after all. What exactly does dealership leadership (say that quickly ten times) involve? And how does one develop into the best leader they can be?


The list of traits includes attitude, communication, adaptability, open-mindedness, influence, and a growth mentality. In this post, we’ll examine a couple of these crucial facets of leadership and how they might make you the best leader you can be in your dealership or automotive business.


Effective leaders have a distinct vision for their company.

You must have a distinct vision of the business you want to launch when you start the process of launching one. Maintaining your attention on your goal not only keeps you inspired as your business expands, but it also serves as a roadmap for your staff. If your team doesn’t comprehend your vision, how will they know what significant contributions they can make at your dealership? Many components of your company will evolve over time, but a clear vision must endure and be effectively shared with your employees.


Bring Your Energy

Every day, try to carry enthusiasm for the dealership with you. How can you expect your staff and consumers to be optimistic if you don’t demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company? By exhibiting enthusiasm and a positive attitude, you’ll foster an environment that encourages happiness in both your staff and customers.


Being enthusiastic does not require you to hang from the ceiling or to always be positive. You can use some as models, such as:


working hard and putting in extra effort when necessary at your dealership


preserving an optimistic outlook in both easy and difficult circumstances


knowing your staff and demonstrating a sincere interest in them


Stopping toxic company culture and refraining from disparaging consumers


implementing ethical recruiting procedures and assembling a diversified workforce


Providing your employees with useful training will enable them to advance their learning.


incentive plans for the entire dealership


Keeping your dealership in top condition at all times, including putting fresh paint on the walls and serving great coffee in the customer lounge.


The Dealer Playbook Podcast’s series of episodes on leadership and culture can help you advance your development.


Communication Is Essential

One of the most crucial components of any business is communication, which is something that strong executives must learn to do. With your team members, clients, and suppliers, you must always speak plainly and sincerely.


This applies to everything from giving performance reports, criticism, and training to your staff to effectively interacting with your clients at every stage of their purchasing process. If you lack natural communication abilities, think about getting instruction on how to improve them for greater success. Communication is a talent that can be learned.


Being flexible is your secret weapon

You need to be able to adjust to shifting circumstances if you want to manage a successful business. The enormous benefits of adaptability have been felt by all of us in recent years, and there is no indication that this trend will slow down soon. Being adaptable is an essential quality of excellent leadership, both for your company and the individuals you work with every day.


Effective adaptation means using the knowledge and data at your disposal to guide your decisions, exercising critical thought, drawing on the wisdom of others, paying attention to feedback from your team, and navigating change with poise and optimism.


Effective leaders see change as a chance to advance rather than as an adversary they must overcome. “How can I adapt to best serve the needs of my customers and team?” they inquire. They see opportunities rather than disruptions.


Thanks for visiting the Innovation Station.

You must be prepared to go the extra mile if you want a job done well. In order to advance the company, leaders must often come up with solutions, assess risks, and make risky decisions. For instance, in order to grow your firm, you might need to take a chance on novel products, even if they seem risky. A little bit of apprehension is normal; lean into innovation and consider the needs your company will have in 1, 5, or 10 years.


We like to joke at SimpSocial that “there’s no decision that can’t be unmade with another decision.”


Leaders are Committed to Their Organization

Decide on your objectives and make sure you take all necessary steps to achieve them. If you take the necessary actions to achieve each goal, the dealership will be profitable. Your commitment to the company will motivate those around you, resulting in devoted clients and staff members, who are, of course, the center of any dealership.


Sometimes, effective company leaders must go above and beyond for their organization. Throughout your career as a leader, dedication will manifest itself in a variety of ways, whether it involves accepting calls on the weekend or behaving more like a therapist for your staff than a “boss.” Accept them all and think about how you might prepare yourself to handle the variety of scenarios you’ll experience, whether it’s by joining an online community of like-minded dealers or acting independently with regular training.


Conclusion: Being a good boss is Just One Aspect of Good Leadership.

You need to have the appropriate mindset and position yourself (and your business) for success by utilizing the resources and support networks at your disposal if you want to run a successful dealership. Any firm should aim to recognize new opportunities, take actions to stay relevant, connect with other people in the industry, and uphold a distinct vision and mission. By doing this, you’ll have workers who are eager to go to work, clients who are delighted to work with you, satisfied vendors, and a company that is well-positioned to succeed in the long run.


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