What Electric Vehicle Buyers Really Want to Know

Many of your consumers are now seriously debating whether or not an electric automobile is right for them. Although they are aware of electric vehicles in general, most of them are now considering purchasing their own.


Your dealership has a fantastic opportunity because of this. You have the ability to build a solid, enduring relationship with a consumer, regardless of whether they are only interested in electric vehicles or arrive at your store prepared to make a purchase. You may make a client for life by simply guiding customers through the discovery process and giving them the essential knowledge and tools they require to investigate their car-buying alternatives (electric, gas, and everything in between).


The first step in contributing something fresh and insightful to the discourse is to tailor your message to the specific interests of each of your customers:


For the Client that Cares About Mother Earth

The fact that hybrid and electric cars are greener than their fully gasoline-powered competitors is a major selling point for both types of cars. Customers that prioritize lowering their carbon footprint would find it interesting to hear that:


A modest gas-powered automobile can surpass the emissions produced by making and routinely charging an EV in just 27,000 miles of driving. As a result, after a few years of use, EVs emit fewer hazardous gases than gasoline-powered vehicles.

The lifespan of an EV battery is typically around 200,000 miles, or 15–20 years of use. However, factors like high or low temperatures and quick chargers can shorten battery life (much as factors like these might shorten the life of your phone).

Additionally, EV batteries don’t end up in junkyards or landfills because the majority of them are utilized to power other sectors or are recycled into new technologies.


For the Constantly Moving Customer

Even though most Americans commute fewer than 25 miles each day, the issue of what would happen if you ran out of battery in a place without a charging station still needs to be addressed. While not everyone will find an EV to be the ideal option, some clients just want to be sure that they won’t be giving up peace of mind if they choose to go electric.


 What can a dealership accomplish?


Display the EV Charging Station Map to your clients so they can see where they may charge their cars nationwide.

Locally, take into account the options in your vicinity. It can be worthwhile to offer one at your dealership if you discover that there aren’t many public charging stations available in your area.

Think about your service crew; having a specialist in EV-specific repairs can go a long way toward giving your customers confidence (and retaining their business).


For the Consumer Who Seems to Only Consider the Sticker Price

Unavoidably, some consumers will appreciate the idea of going electric but not the sticker price (or other fees related to charging). Ensure that these clients have access to all the data they require to determine whether an EV is right for them:


Owners of EVs may qualify for a tax credit of up to $7,500, depending on the individual year, make, and model. This also applies to some hybrid automobiles.

To help the average car buyer afford the cost of an EV, many states offer rebates, tax discounts, or other incentives.

Electric providers are also cashing in on the savings; some provide refunds and incentives to customers who charge their vehicles at times of day when there is less demand for energy.

A gasoline vehicle costs around 3.5 times more to fuel every mile than an electric vehicle does. (As you are aware, the current increase in petrol costs makes this a significant “pro” for EVs.)


Customers won’t buy a car that they can’t simply operate (that’s part of the reason why we perform test drives! ), even if it has all the newest bells and whistles. Any unique characteristics follow the same rules.



Consider this: How many consumers are you losing out on because they couldn’t find the information online if they asked you at the dealership how a particular feature works?



Customers may not be as familiar with features offered by some EVs, like:


  • parking support

  • autonomic driving abilities

  • specialized display screens for EVs

  • charging via a plug


Be the dependable consultant your clients seek by producing or disseminating YouTube videos that cover these topics. This may entail your dealership producing engaging test drive videos, lessons that demonstrate specific capabilities, or even a list of the best ways to charge and maintain your EV.



Your consumers are searching for information about the rising interest in EVs from reliable sources. You can get that at your dealership. Giving your consumers useful information and tools results in a win-win situation where both parties benefit. You build long-lasting relationships that pay off, and your customers acquire the knowledge they need to confidently buy the car they’ll love, EV or not.

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