What does Gen Z actually desire?

Technology was a part of growing up for our newest generation. They have more experience with smart devices and video games than the majority of us do. So, it stands to reason that this younger demographic would likely feel at ease purchasing their first car online.


But a recent study that examines the purchasing practices of Gen Z auto buyers (those 25 years of age and younger) reveals that this youngest car-buying demographic takes more time to consider one of the most important purchases we’ll ever make. Online car purchases are also challenging for the Gen Z generation. Who could have imagined?


According to a recent study, 87% of Gen Z consumers either make their purchase at the dealership or begin their search online before going there. The survey found that 81% of Gen Z consumers intended to take their time to weigh all of their alternatives before buying a vehicle.


Dealers must make sure that their pre-order process for vehicles includes a plan for continued communication to keep customers, particularly their youngest customers, informed. According to Customer Experience Trends, a study shows, 20% of car buyers said the dealer didn’t keep them updated on the status of their vehicle order.


The more information and tasks clients can perform online, such as pre-qualifying for finance and valuing their trade-in, the quicker the process will be since nobody wants to waste time waiting at the dealership.


Like most searches, Gen Z begins with a search. Dealerships should update their Google Business Profile and use Google Vehicle Ads to promote their inventory at the top of search results. One location to read reviews and frequently asked questions, view photographs of the dealership, find offers and announcements, and have an easy way to contact the dealer is the free profile. Our trends analysis found that Google was the top source for dealership research and reviews for 60% of car buyers.


According to Insider Intelligence’s 2022 statistics, the Gen Z populace is also active on social media, using platforms like Facebook (31.8 million Gen Z users), Instagram (37.3 million Gen Z users), TikTok (41.4 million Gen Z users), and Snapchat (44.5 million Gen Z users). It’s crucial to produce content and interact with the younger demographic on these platforms. Our trend analysis shows that consumers place a high value on social media advertisements, with 75% of those polled claiming that online advertising is the most helpful when making a purchase decision.


Additionally, the younger generation favors texting as a form of communication. According to EarthWeb.com, nearly 99% of Gen Zers either have access to or possess a smartphone. The best way to communicate with this group is by SMS, along with providing text alerts. Only one in five emails is opened, yet nine out of ten texts are read in under three minutes. This is valid for both our youngest car customers and all other buyers of vehicles.


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