What Do Instant Experience Facebook Ads Do?

The world of social media advertising is always evolving; techniques and ideas appear out of nowhere, and it can be difficult to prepare because of how quickly privacy policies and in-app changes are changing. SimpSocial was thrilled to be among the first companies in the automobile sector to use on-destination automobile inventory ads, but what about the other ad types that are available to advertisers? This article will explain and analyze Facebook’s Instant Experience Ads, a form of interactive advertising that isn’t often mentioned.


What are Instant Experience Ads on Facebook?

A Facebook Experience Ad allows users to “watch captivating videos and photos, swipe through carousels, quickly view your products, and explore lifestyle images with tagged products.” This is according to Meta. It works with the Carousel, Single Image, Video, and Collection Facebook ad formats.


If your objective is to increase mobile traffic and promote more mobile purchases, this expenditure may be worthwhile given that this ad type is solely mobile-friendly. This ad type is excellent for brand storytelling and establishing customer expectations for what it’s like doing business with your dealership because it places such a strong emphasis on visually appealing content.


How Do Ads for Instant Experiences Operate?

Facebook has made things simple by providing a pre-built Instant Experience template that may be used. Alternatively, you can independently curate an ad and produce an image or video ad. This page’s Facebook Business Ad Guide easily lists the requirements for starting an advertisement like this one.


Similar to the AIA, Instant Experience Ads load extraordinarily quickly. You can convert users immediately inside the Facebook Instant Experience, which is also consistent with our lead generation strategy. You could, for instance, design an immediate form template and collect leads.


Knowing Image-Based Advertising

Images in Instant Experience Ads fill the entire width of the screen, creating the most immersive ad experience imaginable. The ad can support and make use of up to 20 pictures.


Recognize video-based ads

The most often used format for these advertisements is video, which motivates consumers to scroll and engage. Understanding the prerequisites for these videos is crucial. Keep in mind that all videos will be set to autoplay on a loop with the sound off if you are using a voiceover. Videos can be configured to display full width and fit the shopper’s screen, much like image-based ads.


Should you try Facebook Instant Experience Ads?

If you want to use social media to:


Developing brand storytelling further

promoting more mobile traffic

Retargeting customers who have shown interest with as much enticing content as you can

running fresh tests to determine your ROAS

Then Instant Experience ads can work in your dealership’s favor.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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