What Are The Senior Living Community’s Best Channels?

Your Senior Living Community’s marketing has been assigned to you. So, how do you get started? There’s a good chance you want to create a connection that represents your brand’s caring side. You want to fill in the blanks with a personal touch that your target audience is searching for on the internet. Do you have any accurate metrics of your marketing strategy? Are you keeping track of your efficiency in relation to your target return on investment?

Which Social Media Channels Are Best for Senior Living Communities?

According to the Pew Research Center, social media platforms are used by 34% of Americans aged 65 and up. This is a seven-point increase over 2013. These figures are even more telling for adult children who are decision-makers and assist their parents in navigating senior living. When the use of social media grows, so does the need to be relevant to provide valuable information that people are looking for online.

It is important for independent living groups to have an online presence. It’s also a good idea to give them tools to guide them through the process of searching for a place to call home. We know they’re searching – the question is, who can they find? We know 32 percent of people aged 55 and up conduct online research, so we know they’re looking.

What online services do you have access to? Only to name a few, here are a few suggestions: e-newsletter with information about your events and activities, facility brochure, Q&A, blog posts, email subscription opt-in, resources for families to use, and possibly a step-by-step guide to guide them through the process. You may also collect information about your potential residents and cultivate them through the funnel this way.

So, how can you get in touch with your potential residents and caregivers?

Here are our suggestions for the best social media sites, paid ads, and targeting for your senior living environment. All begins with a goal. More information about our SMART target approach to Senior Living Communities can be found here.

Channels to Watch

Not all social media platform is produced equal. That is, if you want to meet seniors, their caregivers, and family decision-makers, you need to put your content and paid advertising in front of the pages they are visiting. You might use Instagram to reach out to the daughters of your potential residents, but you’d have to make your choice based on a solid understanding of your target demographic. Which brings us to a crucial topic.


This is an important question to ask any person who comes through your door. Was it easy for them to find your location? Was it easy to find the address on the internet and on Google Maps? Was the website able to answer the questions they had? Is the walk-through scheduled online or in person? Data is crucial.

For Senior Living Communities, Paid Advertising and Targeting

This one is a slam-dunk, with 65 percent of people aged 50 to 64 using Facebook. Knowing that this is a powerful forum, it’s also important to set yourself apart from the competition. What distinguishes you from the competition? What distinguishes your facility from others? Do those who connect and associate with your brand develop a sense of confidence and a brand experience?

On a typical day, the majority of seniors may use the internet, watch television, listen to streaming music, or shop online. Finding the right balance to appeal to your target audience necessitates a well-honed experience based on real-time data.

Our suggestion is to talk to your coworkers. After you’ve gathered your info, you can start planning your online strategy.

Paid Promotion

Given Facebook’s 2 billion users, we believe this one is unquestionably the most famous. You can create an ad that will deliver your brand in front of your audience by looking at audience insights and even creating lookalike audiences. Is it enticing? Do you have a special deal this month? Any of these messages can be used in your paid social campaign. Did you catch someone’s attention the first time, but they didn’t stick around for long? You can also create remarketing strategies to attract tourists who did not turn into leads.

Targeting on Social Media

Once you’ve decided on the best platforms to use and set a budget for your paid strategy, it’s time to look at the targeting details you’ll employ.

Keep in mind that Facebook recently announced some big changes to the way real estate is marketed on their platforms (including age, gender, and zip code restrictions). Visit our blog for more information.)

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