Want to Boost Customer Loyalty? Make the purchasing process simpler.

Auto dealers are constantly seeking improved strategies to entice repeat business. However, it’s not only top-notch customer service or loyalty incentives that work; their shopping and service experiences are as important.


As more time is spent looking for a car and visiting the dealership, customer satisfaction with the auto-buying process has been dropping for two years in a row. Customers are becoming more and more irate.


Customers of today desire a less complicated, more transparent procedure that values their time and makes the car-buying process as simple as possible. The lengthy, complicated, and frustrating procedures involved in purchasing and maintaining an automobile are driving them crazy, and this has a negative effect on their loyalty.


Unfortunately, the time has come when dealerships that don’t change risk losing customers, developing a bad image, and receiving unfavorable evaluations.


Make the purchasing process simpler for clients if you want to keep them coming back to your dealership, let alone have them recommend you to their friends and family.


Why a simpler purchasing process fosters client loyalty

High client satisfaction is a result of spending less time at the dealership. The study’s findings present a very unambiguous picture:


When it comes to financing and purchasing, consumers prefer to do more online. 79% of consumers who pre-ordered their most recent car were happier than those who bought it off the lot.

Buyer loyalty is directly impacted by an easier purchasing process. According to a CDK Global study, there is a strong correlation between the amount of time a buyer must wait to enter an F&I office on a busy day and their future allegiance to that dealership.


According to the J.D. Power Auto Summit, the longer a consumer takes to complete the buying process, the weaker their loyalty is and the less likely they are to suggest your dealership to others.

To put it another way, customers are less likely to return and are also less likely to refer new customers to you if it takes them longer to get in and out of the dealership. So how can you speed up and simplify things for them?


6 methods to simplify the purchasing process for consumers


1. Provide possibilities for online or virtual purchases

Customers are increasingly looking for online resources that let them finish the purchasing process without having to travel to a dealership.  Additionally, it makes it possible for clients to quickly compare the features and pricing of several vehicles.


Create a digital retailing alternative so that clients can look through the inventory, see the specifications of the vehicles, and even finish their purchase online.

Offer video or chat consultations so that clients can ask questions of a salesperson or financial specialist without having to visit the lot, where they could feel under more pressure.


2. Give precise pricing and financing details

Customers demand honesty and openness throughout the whole purchasing process, and transparent pricing can help lessen the stress and annoyance that might develop while discussing the specifics of a purchase.


Prices and financing conditions should be prominently displayed both online and in the dealership so that buyers can quickly compare and select the best option for them.

Be upfront with customers about any additional fees or charges that may be necessary so they don’t feel taken by surprise.

Give customers resources to estimate their monthly payments and make informed choices, such as financing calculators or other tools.

3. Educate salespeople to offer more individualized service

Customers value a sales crew that is attentive, knowledgeable, and understanding during the purchasing process. Provide individualized service to demonstrate that a dealership appreciates its clients and is devoted to satisfying their specific needs in order to prevent receiving unwarranted complaints.


* Provide sales workers with workshops or training sessions to assist them improve their communication and listening abilities.

* To better target their recommendations and possibilities, encourage sales professionals to probe and learn about customers’ requirements and preferences.

* To assist sales staff in progressively developing their customer service abilities, offer regular coaching and feedback.

* To enable all workers to deliver outstanding service and go above and beyond for customers, promote a culture of customer service throughout the dealership, including a customer feedback loop.


4. Provide a smooth trade-in procedure

Trade-ins can be a pain, but a dealership that offers a quick, easy trade-in procedure can improve the customer experience. Dealerships may help consumers save time and obtain a fair bargain by making it simple for them to trade in their used cars.


* Give clients access to an online or physical evaluation tool so they can immediately determine the worth of their trade-in.

* Make the paperwork and administrative procedures involved with the trade-in process easier and more automated by using the software.

* Give them the choice to sell their car outright by putting them in touch with a trustworthy third-party buyer, among other possibilities. Even though it might not directly affect your revenue, making a customer happy is worth the modest extra effort.


5. Shorten waiting times

One of the most crucial aspects of a customer’s shopping experience is time. Dealerships may streamline the process by cutting down on the amount of time consumers have to wait—whether it’s to speak with a salesperson, enter the F&I office, or have their car serviced. Wait times can be decreased in a variety of ways, including by making appointments, scheduling them online, and utilizing virtual technologies to expedite procedures.


Customers can choose a convenient time to visit, and wait times are decreased when sales and service appointments are scheduled online.

Simplify the F&I process by giving clients access to pre-approved financing offers before visiting the dealership or by providing them with transparent, simple-to-understand finance and insurance choices.

6. In the service lane, provide prepaid maintenance.


A prepaid maintenance package designed expressly to be offered by the service department is one method to streamline the service experience. This will provide you with more opportunities to market the benefits and increase customer satisfaction as a result.


According to our research:


Prepaid plans boost customer loyalty; we’ve seen an increase in retention of 18–24% among our clients compared to those who don’t use them.

Due to reduced prices and more frequent visits (which give you the opportunity to address tiny problems before they become major ones), prepaid plans boost client satisfaction.

Prepaid plans boost overall vehicle sales since clients who have used your services in the last year are twice as likely to buy a vehicle from you.

Two out of every three oil changes conducted in the service lane when dealers offer prepaid packages are typically for customers with prepaid packages.

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