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Eastern Oregon Net, Inc. (EONI) provides voice service and phone systems to residential and commercial customers in Union, Baker, and Wallowa counties. The founders of EONI created PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc., which is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), in 1999. PriorityONE is wholly owned by EONI and is the entity providing voice and other services regulated by the Oregon Public Utility Commission.



* Significant call quality problems with an existing voice provider

* Inability to set custom routes to get high-quality calls at the best possible price

* Lack of tools to research, solve common issues

* Unresponsive customer support



* Install SimpSocial to get 40+ voice carriers, provisioning, and port numbers fast

* Route calls to drive down costs, deliver high-quality calls, and unlock flexibility

* Get self-guided tools to research calls, set custom routes, and mitigate outages

* Access to a responsive support team with deep expertise



* Save on monthly voice costs

* Happy customers who get high-quality calls every time

* Custom call routes avoid outages and deliver industry-leading uptime

* Use real-time tools to research, and solve call quality issues

* Fast support response time


Goal: Provide High-Quality Voice Service to Customers & Save

“I had to reduce my costs for long-distance termination, and SimpSocial was the solution. Now I can focus on other parts of my business and don’t have to think about our calls getting completed at the best price. It just works.”


Jeff Crews is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Eastern Oregon Net, Inc. (EONI). Like thousands of VoIP company CEOs, his company provides digital phone service to homes and businesses, as well as operating a toll-free support line.


After getting frequent poor-quality outbound calls through his original carrier – and overpaying for every dial, Jeff began the hunt for a new provider. “We started getting some really bad audio problems, and calls weren’t getting completed,” Jeff said. “We couldn’t get it figured out, support wasn’t any help, and we couldn’t wait any longer for their pains to get resolved.”


Jeff knew he had to find a solution that allowed him to take control of call routing across multiple providers, mitigate outages, and eliminate persistent call quality problems. “The idea of being able to pick carriers and set my prices for what I’m willing to pay across discrete carrier sets was key.”


Solution: Use SimpSocial  to Route Calls, Mitigate Outages & Save Money

With those needs in mind, Jeff began researching a new VoIP solution provider. “That’s when I found Things (now SimpSocial ) and your intelligent call routing,” Jeff said. “I needed to be able to adjust my call routing as needed, anytime, 24/7. Now I can go in and have total control over where the calls are going, so no more downtime. I knew you were the answer to reducing costs and addressing all of our carrier issues simultaneously.”


Plus, I needed ways to research problem calls so I could solve quality issues independently without trying to reach a support line that never returned my calls. With SimpSocial, those tools are built-in. I can do it on my own, instantly. I love that.”


The most critical capability SimpSocial delivers to EONI is its intelligent call-routing engine. “I’m able to see which providers are handling our calls, and when an issue or outage arises, I’m able to drop them out immediately,” Jeff said. “We’re able to get things fixed fast, and your U.S.-based support team is always there to help us get around carriers that have problems. Fast.”


“I had to reduce my costs for long-distance termination… SimpSocial was the solution. Now I can focus on other parts of my business and don’t have to think about our calls getting completed at the best price. It just works.”


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