Utilizing connected technology, unlock the profitability of your dealership

Your team will probably struggle if the data at your dealership doesn’t match the technology you’ve purchased. Don’t accept manual procedures and dysfunctional workflows that irritate your clients and staff. Choose linked technologies instead, which offer time-saving solutions that boost profitability. Check out the webcast.


Franchise dealerships in today’s fiercely competitive market need to deliver seamless experiences to attract repeat customers and boost sales. Fortunately, integrating your service technology and DMS strengthens your dealership by maximizing efficiency and profitability and giving you access to continuous, real-time data.


Using and monitoring discounts

The strength of SimpSocial DMS and Xtime together gives your staff the resources they require to effectively use and track discounts, including:


  • Dollar Offsets


  • Discounts in percentage


  • Owner Variable/Manager Discounts


  • Discounts from Actual Retail Value



Your effective labor rate is most likely below average if you’re like most dealerships. You may split mechanical repair (ML) and fast lanes (QL) using SimpSocial DMS and Xtime to:


  • Compile Accurate Reports


  • True Effective Labor Rate Management (ELR)


  • Boost Warranty Rates


  • Avoid interfering with employee workflows

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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