Utilize remarketing to attract your “Hot Potatoes”

As a child, did you ever play hot potato? It’s difficult to forget the anxiety of repeatedly throwing the object while PRAYING it wouldn’t be in your hands when the music stopped. But what if we told you that you were completely mistaken and that you ought to go for that potato till it is yours instead?


The leads that have already engaged with you at your dealership are the hottest. Catch them with a remarketing effort to take control of the transaction rather than letting them move on to the next dealership.


Remarketing is characterized as a type of online marketing that targets customers based on their prior behavior.


There are various ways to carry out a remarketing campaign, however, the following are some of our top recommendations tailored to auto dealers:

In 2021, it is anticipated that we will watch online videos for 100 minutes each day on average. You can and should retarget them if you manage to capture their interest within that period, even if it is only fleeting. The world may learn about your company and its story through video, and once they are familiar with you, you can pounce on them with advertisements that will pique their interest in what you have to offer.


You can segment YouTube content using the following criteria:


viewed a channel’s videos in any order.

watched a few videos.

watched any video (as an advertisement) on a channel.

watched some commercial video content.

Visits, subscriptions, likes, playlist additions, and shares of channels.


You can group users on Facebook using the following criteria:


spent at least 3, 10, or 15 seconds watching a video.

at least 25%, 50%, 75%, or 95% of your video was watched.


Greater: Upsell current clients

Those who have already given you money are frequently your best audience for bringing in more.


Purchasing a car can be financially scary for many. They won’t accept any additional features or packages you offer them because of this. But when they get over their first surprise and spend some time in their new car, they are frequently more receptive to your upsells.


For this type of remarketing to work, your client data must be organized and kept in good condition. You can enter any client data you have, including their name, email address, and phone number, into the advertising platform of your choice. In general, if they can locate that individual in their system, they will feed them digital adverts during their time online, however the details needed and the technological capability differ by platform.


When upselling, you should design an advertising campaign based on how long it has been since the customer bought their car. Do you want to advertise accessories? Consider delaying till a few months have passed since their purchase. Do you wish to advertise a maintenance package? Target customers that made purchases from you a year or two ago.


The newest trend is inventory-based remarketing.

Your hottest leads are those who have visited a vehicle page on your website. They are prepared to buy after conducting their due diligence. Avoid making them “the one who got away.”


You may follow them through the rest of their car-buying investigation by using dynamic-style adverts. Bring up the vehicle they looked at and offer comparable cars that could be of interest. This style of advertisement can be highly thorough, giving all the information a potential buyer needs to know about a car.



Stop throwing away your best leads. Because behavior defines us as individuals, behavioral marketing may be exactly what you need to attract your target markets. Take a look at these sites to find out more about behavioral marketing.

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