Utilize Data and Insights to Provide Enhanced Personalization to Your Customers

When you combine technologies, you don’t have the full picture of the consumer or the data you need to succeed in the market today. You require a solution that enables you to take consumer experiences to the next level and boost profitability by streamlining operations across all departments. a component of a potent suite of products from Cox Automotive that keeps your dealership’s operations, sales, marketing, and service in sync. Here is a sneak peek at some of the tools you may use to dominate the industry right now.


Profit from Your Data


You may discover customers who are 15 times more likely to buy using proprietary technology that includes first-party Cox Automotive behavioral data from Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and Dealer.com. WithSimpSocial, you can predict each customer’s next action so you can help them through their unique purchasing journey.


With the help of SimpSocial digital sales solutions, such as Connect CRM and Connect Automotive Intelligence, you can take use of your data and locate in-market consumers who are interested in your products but have not yet submitted leads. You can speed up the buying process, meet customers where they are in their car-buying journey, and enhance the shopping experience.


Make Every Consumer Interaction Personalized


A personalized experience at the dealership is vital, according to 74% of customers. You can give each customer a customized experience by using actionable consumer insights, which include the make and model of interest.  You may more effectively tailor the sales process and shorten the route to purchase with the help of this actionable consumer data, which offers you a thorough picture of the interests and intentions of your customers.


Connect CRM’s integration with the Automotive Marketing Platform allows you to send 1:1 marketing messages to improve customer engagement and provide individualized marketing experiences at scale.


Streamline Consumers’ Purchasing Process


Isn’t it ultimately all about giving consumers a quick, easy, and flexible purchasing experience? Vinessa Virtual Assistant enables you to answer customer inquiries round-the-clock and collect internet leads beyond business hours. Vinessa has the ability to automate crucial sales tasks, such as SMS and email customer service, appointment planning, and follow-up task scheduling. Salespeople can concentrate their efforts on customers who are prepared to buy at the same time.


Whether customers complete the transaction in-person, online, or through a combination of both, it is crucial to create a linked, unified car-buying experience. However, many customers are compelled to start the negotiation process again each time they deal with the dealership. By integrating with Cox Automotive Digital Retailing technology Accelerate My Deal, which transfers online deal information directly into the CRM so you can always start up where you left off, Connect Desking accelerates the purchasing process.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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