Utilize a CRM that Operates the Way You Do to Better Serve Your Customers

Providing a better customer experience is crucial, particularly in a market with fierce competition. It’s possible that your dealership has assembled a sizable client base, created effective marketing campaigns and messaging, and employed the best experts in the field. However, 88% of customers believe that their experience is just as important as your goods or services.


The Aurora, Colorado-based Tynan’s Auto Group has put a lot of effort into expanding its clientele. However, they realized they needed a flexible CRM partner that was prepared to work with them to fine-tune the experience as marketing campaign engagement started to decline.


Utilize VinSolutions CRM to Connect with Your Database


KateLynn Bregar, the sales manager at Tynan Auto Group, wanted a partner who could guide her team through the problems and changes they were facing. To assist the team in creating more focused campaigns, she looked for both strong CRM technology and in-depth knowledge of the automobile industry. VinSolutions CRM and Automotive Marketing Platform allowed Tynan’s Auto Group to better serve the individual car demands of its clients. Data-driven insights were supplied by Tynan’s Marketing Account Manager to direct the company’s communication plan.


“Let’s be real: CRMs do basically the same thing, but what VinSolutions is able to do is customize to the Tynan’s way,” says Bregar, explaining that cooperation with VinSolutions was necessary to make that happen.


The New Actuality: A Multifaceted and Adaptable Strategy for Sales and Service


The New Actuality: A Multifaceted and Adaptable Strategy for Sales and Service


Bregar claims that one of the most significant changes in recent years has been the conduct of customers who are reluctant or afraid to interact with the dealership face-to-face. Bregar says, “People prefer to be called, texted, or emailed rather than coming into the dealership.” The ability to provide a personalized experience that caters to your clients’ car and finance requirements, along with their individual preferences, enhances communication between your sales and service staff. VinSolutions assisted her team in sending timely, focused communications that addressed certain requirements, as opposed to overcommunicating. “VinSolutions provides a dynamic and varied approach to accomplish that in order to deliver information effectively and efficiently.”


In summary


It’s possible that the consumer has preconceived notions about what to anticipate from an automobile. The favorable tidings? The total car searching and purchasing process is becoming increasingly positive, according to 69% of customers. Better yet, dealers may overcome common deliverability issues and reach consumers with more timely and tailored communications when they work with the proper CRM vendor.

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