Using Pinterest to Sell More Cars

There has never been a better opportunity to check out this distinctive social media network because Pinterest is for planners and because the automotive industry is becoming more prominent on the popular image-sharing website.

According to John Gray, the global automotive strategy lead at Pinterest, the platform is made to give hundreds of millions of people the inspiration they require to build a life they love, whether they are pinning dinnertime recipes, kitchen remodeling ideas, or information on hip, new cars for their family’s upcoming purchase.

In a recent webinar, Gray shared Pinterest’s best practices for businesses. “We definitely know that when people feel good about the environment they’re in, when they’re happy and inspired, that makes the brand, dealer, and advertising that much more powerful,” Gray said. In contrast to a person’s past, opinions, and news, Pinterest is about personal media, your future, ideas, and products. No gloomy scrolling is present.

With the help of a partnership with Pinterest and collaborations with other companies and car dealerships, SimpSocial is able to offer personalized advertising material on its website.

Even though this year has undoubtedly been unique, people are still looking for motivation. According to Gray, they are considering the future and what will occur in the following year.

The following three trends have been seen on Pinterest this year:

Pinterest is becoming a more popular destination for positivity and escape.

Pinners seek answers and fresh perspectives to help them navigate this reality.

Pinners continue to make plans and dream about their future selves.

Due to the pandemic, people are more motivated than ever to purchase larger automobiles for road trips and camping trips and to possess their own vehicles this year. Over the past three years or so, Pinterest has also begun to focus more on the automotive industry. According to Gray, auto dealers employ video, carousel ads, and visual search tools to connect with Pinterest users who are looking into and studying new cars.

This year has seen a change in the trends surrounding car ownership:

73% of respondents say they use their cars as a private haven to get away from their roommates.

72% of people who want to vacation this year say they’ll be driving instead of flying for at least one trip.  As more people look for advice on how to maintain their vehicle, which road trip to take, and which automobile could be best for their new lifestyle, the number of Pinners searching for automotive-related terms has climbed 14% on the platform this year, according to Gray.

“We see a lot of people engaged in automotive,” he added. “It’s a significant increase.” “Automatic content on Pinterest is presented with other interests. There aren’t many people actively looking for cars. This rise is actually quite significant. Searches don’t usually increase dramatically.

Pinterest identified a sizable following of auto aficionados, and dealers now have the best chance to promote on the platform in order to connect with more women, people of means, and planners. Men are also using and enjoying Pinterest in greater numbers, according to Gray.

“Pinterest plays a huge part in the discovery,” he declared. “These are people who purchase brand-new vehicles before their time.” Compared to homes without Pinterest, households with Pinterest are 28% more likely to register a newly released or updated car with the DMV within the first 90 days after its release. They are innovators.

Why should dealers think about using Pinterest for advertising? Here are some statistics regarding the huge audience:

Every month, 442 million individuals from all over the world use Pinterest.

The number of monthly active users on the site has increased by 37% year over year.

50 million new monthly users were gained more quickly than previously until Q2 2020.

Reaching 80% of American mothers is perfect because 62% of car sales are done by women.

The United States has achieved 4 in 10 fathers. Auto is the top passion for males on Pinterest, and fathers are looking for activities to do with their kids.

A growingly crucial audience is reached, with 76% of American millennial women and 40% of American millennial males.

The substantial U.S. audience that can be reached on Pinterest nowadays. According to Pinterest statistics, this group has a large market reach and gives merchants a lot of scale because they are consumers with the intention to buy. This comprises:

29 million consumers of vehicle services.

8 million automobile pinners, who are disproportionately male.

28 million people are looking for an SUV.

24 million are available for a truck.

58% of internet users in the United States who earn $100,000 or more

84% of mothers with a $100,000 household income

Early customer contact is essential in the cycle of automatic purchases. Gray said that since six out of ten car buyers already know the make or model they want to purchase before beginning their online search, dealers now have the chance to sway them before they do so.

“Over time, we’re noticing a decrease in dealership visits.” “It is more important than ever to get to them quickly,” he said. This will be especially true in 2021, as one-third of those without cars want to get one in the upcoming six months. I find this to be mind-blowing.

Because they don’t own a car, these people don’t have a relationship with any particular dealership or brand. This is a fantastic opportunity to influence these customers, who are increasingly younger consumers and lack brand loyalty, according to Gray.

Because of the pandemic, “there is a change that is happening,” he declared. “Lifestyle influences vehicle preference and encourages in-store buying.” You don’t suddenly fall in love with the outdoors after purchasing a Jeep. It has to do with your interests. Your family is growing, right? Are you adopting a new animal companion? Are you planning a wedding? These are the factors that influence auto purchasing.

In that vein, the three primary techniques dealers might employ while using Pinterest for advertising are:

entice new clients. Highlight vehicle features, lifestyle images, new technology, and safety features while focusing on a close-by market audience.

shopper conversion in-store. Reach out to the 8 million cars Pinterest users to highlight prices and offers while showcasing interior and exterior vehicle photos.

Keep your current clients and shoppers. Focus on your CRM list, leads that haven’t been sold, clients that are ending leases, and website visitors.

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