Using artificial intelligence to increase lead generation and conversion

Using artificial intelligence to increase lead generation and conversion

Marketers are more interested than ever in artificial intelligence. What is the reason for this?
Demand generation marketers know better than anybody that being ahead of the curve with new lead generation strategies is critical, and AI is where it’s at.

AI integrates perfectly into the MarTech stack for lead generation, qualification, and conversion, and solutions are only getting better as the AI market is expected to expand to $70 billion by 2020. The top AI systems search through data to uncover new prospects or advise existing leads worth pursuing, as well as give powerful insights about prospects and customers.

AI advances automate and optimize lead generation procedures.

The good news is that AI has progressed to the point where off-the-shelf solutions can now automate and improve critical lead generation and conversion procedures for businesses of all sizes and budgets. The power of AI is embodied in a robust, tailored user experience that ensures you’re targeting the right people at the appropriate organizations and deciding which leads to send on to sales.

Furthermore, AI enables data from various sources to collide with business intelligence in one location, resulting in measurable insights and actionable results. According to Aberdeen Group research, lead scoring is the primary motivator for investing in AI, with 61 percent of respondents citing it as the primary motivator. You can better understand leads, locate new high-quality leads, and turn those leads into sales with AI.

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