Use Reels Regularly to Increase Your Social Influence

Instagram declared reels to be one of the hottest new posting options for the social media network in the fall of 2020. Similar to TikTok, you may make a brief video clip, add music and effects, and share it with your audience, which is why it is so well-liked. For the current Instagram influencer, it’s enjoyable and completely limitless in terms of creativity.

Reels are already being utilized by several businesses to enhance their Instagram game in order to increase audience engagement, brand visibility, and the potential for going viral on the platform. Therefore, including it in your social media marketing approach is absolutely worthwhile.


We’ve gathered some creative and entertaining approaches to leveraging Reels to strengthen your company’s social media presence and platform.


1. Show the audience the process. Sneak A Look

Due to their brief 30-second format, Instagram Reels are perfect for establishing a more intimate connection with your audience. And one of the best ways to accomplish that is to give your audience a brief glimpse behind the scenes of your company. They are relatable to their audience and effective, high-profile Instagram accounts are likely the reason they receive so much attention. Why can’t a company be just as ethical?


For example, if you own a neighborhood cafe, your followers are already aware of how excellent your coffee is because of your frequent Instagram photos and stories. Do kids realize how much effort goes into making each day happen, though? Reels are the ideal medium for showcasing them.


In a similar vein, a “day in the life” reel is a great way to provide clients with an inside glimpse into the workplace environment of your business, highlight the contributions of your team members, and may also be useful in showing how a product fits into a client’s daily routine.

The best aspect is that you don’t need to prepare a lengthy video because it’s only a 15–30 second clip. This kind of material helps you establish a more “human” connection with your brand by evoking empathy in your audience for your company. Not to mention that it’s a fantastic approach to demonstrating your genuineness while also igniting interest in your products.

2. Provide your audience with brief how-tos

Your target audience wants to learn about your brand and its community, not just have product promotions forced in their faces. Being helpful and demonstrating your sincere desire to assist them is one way to go about it. Give clients a brief, detailed tutorial on how to use your product to create something wonderful. Additionally, it doesn’t necessarily have to be about your company. You may show how to make good coffee at home quickly and easily by using the cafe example from before.


Create FAQ-style clips in advance to address probable inquiries. Share brief but insightful pieces of knowledge that will aid your audience in making purchasing decisions. Oh, and don’t forget to sprinkle in a little comedy. Gather questions using the Q&A sticker in your Instagram Stories, then respond to them in Reels. Ask your fans what they want to see next, and encourage feedback in the reel comments. By carrying out all of this, your brand demonstrates its expertise.


Customers are more inclined to follow your page and return for new insights if they know they can count on you for quality how-to information.


3. Make it enjoyable and unique.

Last but not least, remember to use reels for what they were intended for, which is to have a good time and get to know your audience. Instead of giving a formal speech, do this instead to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Share your CEO’s morning routines, your team’s conference vlogs, or amusing daily bloopers that your audience will relate to.


Don’t be reluctant to adopt a popular meme or video format that fits your business. You may even try starting your own challenge or trend and inviting your followers to participate (be sure to establish a distinct, branded hashtag). Being a little vulnerable is the only way to build meaningful audience relationships. So, when using REELS, be REAL.


Businesses may give advice, instruct, amuse, inspire, and honestly engage with their audiences using Instagram’s version of TikTok. You can strengthen your relationship with your fans and increase the visibility of your brand with Instagram Reels.


Additionally, in order to go viral, you don’t need to have a well-known brand or thousands of followers, which increases its value.


So it’s time to incorporate reels into your overall marketing approach using the advice provided above.

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