Unveiling the Best Mid-Cycle Refresh: The Evolution of the Mitsubishi Montero


Almost every generation of a car undergoes a mid-cycle refresh, where subtle yet significant tweaks are made to enhance the model’s appeal before a complete redesign. Today, we’re diving into the world of mid-cycle refreshes to uncover which car has executed it best.

My answer may not come as a surprise to those who follow me on Instagram, where I frequently share snapshots of my beloved 1998 Mitsubishi Montero. Allow me to make the case for why the mid-cycle refresh of the U.S.-market Montero, introduced in 1998, stands as a shining example of automotive evolution.

The Montero Legacy:

The Montero’s journey in the United States spans from the ’80s to the early 2000s, traversing three generations of design and engineering. While the first-gen Monteros boasted a classic “Square body, round lights” aesthetic, it was the second generation that truly made waves in the SUV segment.

The Evolution:

In the early ’90s, the second-gen Montero underquisite underwent a transformation, embracing a more rounded and distinctive appearance. However, it was the mid-cycle refresh for the 1998 model year that truly elevated the Montero’s design to new heights.

A Spectacular Refresh:

Mitsubishi’s decision to introduce stunning flares to the front and rear fenders of the Montero marked a significant departure from its previous design language. Gone were the big pieces of plastic cladding; instead, the “Gen 2.5” Montero boasted exbody sculpting that seamlessly integrated the over-wheel area into the sides and rear quarter panel.

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