Unfortuitously, Your Leads Are Not Just Your Leads Alone.

Due to the growing popularity of websites like Vroom and Carvana as well as the overall inventory shortage, which has forced customers to search longer online for inventory that meets their demands, consumers are spending more time buying online.


As a result, customers are visiting fewer dealerships in person before making a purchase. Additionally, only about a third of customers actually complete their shopping on the dealer’s website, meaning that two-thirds of customers begin and end their customer journey on a third-party website.


This implies that your leads are not just your leads. At least 65% of the time, customers are directly comparing your inventory, pricing, and customer service to those of your rivals.


Customer loyalty and lifetime value are crucial, but the leader needs to be converted into a customer first, and your dealership is in real-time competition with a number of others for the opportunity. Vin-specific leads are more focused and more likely to result in sales, but other than increasing the lead’s quality, the best strategy for capturing buyers who are considering multiple dealerships is to simply arrive first.


With SimpSocial, you can ensure that more customers start and complete their customer journeys in your store thanks to our lightning-quick response times and excellent appointment setup strategies.


Buyers who viewed numerous websites visited third-party websites first (65%) and last (58%), respectively. Additionally, dealer websites are crucial, particularly at the conclusion of the purchasing process, when 32% of auto purchasers complete their internet research.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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