Trends in Industry Media Spend

Consumer behavior is constantly evolving; therefore, it’s more crucial than ever to recognize industry trends and how they might and should affect the money you spend on media advertising. Particularly in the automobile sector, it’s crucial to maintain visibility and remain in front of customers throughout the purchasing process. You must continue spending to keep your customer funnel full.


Despite the challenges, customers still shop.


happy news Despite the challenges, customers still shop. There is still a need for vehicles, and supply is still high. However, given that their behaviors are ever-evolving, particularly in light of recent events and macro-trends, your communication strategy should change as their demands do.


The majority of firms place a high priority on their internet presence, not just those in the automobile sector. We repeatedly observe that businesses lose market share quickly when they retreat and don’t change their marketing approach.


Real Facts and Statistics


Think Before You Spend


Optimize! Optimize! Optimize! Utilizing your data wisely is now more crucial than ever to ensuring that your media and advertising expenditures are as effective as possible. By staying in front of your ideal consumer and using the appropriate messaging, you may boost sales and assist them in the purchasing process.


Top advice for maximizing media ad expenditures:


Keep track of your advertising expenses and results. This should be carried out frequently. Analytics should be carefully examined to determine how the advertisement is not only working but also connecting to your chosen call to action to provide actual results.


Keep up with the latest privacy and data rules. Many dealers are cutting back on media ad spending until it “sorts out,” but if you keep up with the changes and modify your media ads in a timely manner to comply, you will actually be primed for greater exposure.


Determine and sway upper- and mid-funnel consumers. Include lifestyle language that is less idealistic and more realistic, concentrating on gaining mindshare at this time of uncertainty over availability, pricing, and utility. When a customer transitions from consideration to selection, appealing to the “perfect fit” perception that allays fears brought on by current events secures first-to-mind preference.


The Deal Doers’ Approach


Want to assist in ensuring that your customer makes an educated purchasing decision?


You can ensure that you are reaching the appropriate customers and advertising in the correct manner by using tools like nVision and Buying Signals. Utilize nVision’s Analyze Inventory report to convert your vehicles faster and Buying Signals to customize your message and understand what your audience is looking for.


The most popular cars can be highlighted using Spotlights, and you can use Market Extension to advertise outside of your market to maximize your reach.


Make sure someone is familiar with these tools and that they regularly review them on a weekly basis. By doing this, you’ll be able to maximize your leads and advance your business in the present.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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