Track Form Abandonment To Increase High-Intent Leads

By monitoring form abandonment on your dealership website, you can learn how to increase the number of high-intent car shopper leads for your dealership.


It’s critical now more than ever for car dealers to take advantage of all chances when car buyers express interest in purchasing due to the current status of the retail automotive sector, which includes supply chain bottlenecks and a softening of the market.


Dealers frequently wonder if they should cut back on their advertising and marketing in order to save a few dollars when the auto market is declining.


I can understand why people might think so, especially considering how many suppliers make it challenging to tactically and simply evaluate the results.


Because of this, at SimpSocial, we’re on a mission to help dealers outperform and outsell their rivals by offering the most lucid, uncomplicated, and successful marketing techniques that grab the interest of potential auto buyers.


Tracking form abandonment on the websites of our client partner companies is only one of the numerous ways we accomplish this. When trying to create leads, many auto dealerships frequently run into the issue of form abandonment. It happens when a customer opens a form on a dealership website, like a contact form or a financing application, but then navigates away before submitting it. Understanding and monitoring form abandonment can help dealerships increase the quantity of high-intent car shoppers revealing areas of friction in the customer journey.


How Google Analytics, version 4, Can Help


Google Analytics enables dealerships to measure both the number of visitors to a specific page and the number of people who abandoned a form, making it a useful tool for tracking form abandonment. Our staff at SimpSocial, however, makes it a priority when onboarding new dealer partners because tracking form abandonment isn’t configured by default in GA4.


We can use the information we discover about which forms are frequently abandoned and the stages of the process at which prospective consumers leave in one of two ways:


1. Examine the user experience to determine the potential causes of form abandonment and make smart on-site improvements to address the issue.


2. Utilize the data on abandoned carts to create clever retargeting ads that will entice those customers back to the dealer’s website.


For instance, if users leave your financing application page repeatedly, the form may need to be simplified or made shorter. In this situation, making the form simpler and adding fewer fields might enhance conversions while lowering form abandonment.


Software for Tracking Third Parties


Utilizing a service like Hotjar is another efficient method for tracking form abandonment. Dealerships can observe where website users click and browse with this heat mapping tool. This data can be used to spot areas of friction, such as forms that need brevity or precision, or pages that don’t effectively encourage users to fill out forms. Dealerships can make modifications to enhance the user experience and boost conversions after these areas have been identified.


Retargeting Form Abandonment Customers


Customers may stop completing website forms for a variety of reasons, but we’re curious as to why they even began. For someone to desire to fill out the form, a certain low-funnel level of purpose is required. These clients have progressed farther through the funnel than most.


Retargeting campaigns are a potent tool for boosting form fills and lead generation. A dealership can use this kind of campaign to advertise specifically to site visitors who have abandoned a form. They can nudge prospective buyers to return to the dealership website to finish the form by reminding them of their interest in a car. When they are executed properly, of course, these types of retargeting efforts are considered to be incredibly successful across a variety of industries.


Increase your high-intent leads now.

The amount of high-intent car shopper leads can be increased by auto dealerships through tracking form abandonment. Dealerships may improve the user experience and boost conversions by identifying points of friction in the client journey. Additionally, retargeting ad campaigns can be an effective way to remind potential consumers of their interest in cars and entice them back to the website to complete that form. Tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar can also provide useful data for form improvements.


By working together, you may increase your lead generation efforts by accessing additional tools and knowledge from SmpSocial. Let’s talk so you can receive more affordable, high-quality leads!

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