Top 5 Readers’ Favorite Articles of 2022

When making plans for the new year, we frequently suggest to dealerships that they evaluate their marketing efforts to see what worked, what didn’t, and why. We put our readers’ favorite articles here in case you missed them (or just wanted to read our top advice again) as part of our ongoing effort to recognize triumphs from the last year. Dig in! These stories were read by more than 500 people over the course of the past year.


The most popular dealership marketing blogs in 2022 were:


Having difficulty acquiring used car inventory? Marketing has a place.

At a dealership, acquiring inventory plays a significant role in everyday operations. We experienced a used car shortage that started in 2021 and persisted into 2022, making it nearly impossible for dealerships to locate the used automobiles they require. Many dealerships struggle to maintain a respectable inventory due to the fact that automobiles are selling faster than they can be replaced.


Quick Tip: Broaden your online inventory search; Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are both geared toward people trying to sell their used cars privately.


Continue reading to learn about more tactics that could be useful when you start looking for rare goods.


Part 2 of how to maintain a fixed operations marketing strategy

Marketing is a tool that can’t be ignored; it’s a dynamic, strategic way to bring in customers. It’s crucial to keep maintenance in mind as you set out to establish or modify your service marketing plan.


Quick Tip: Monitor KPIs on your landing pages to keep up with site maintenance. Following a visitor’s arrival on your landing page, keep an eye on your bounce rate, session duration, and conversion metrics.


Return to the first article in this series or continue reading to learn about additional crucial performance metrics you should consider when keeping a fixed ops marketing plan in place.


First ABCs of Dealership Marketing

The ABCs of every effective marketing strategy are a number of crucial dealership marketing components that you can combine to get the desired outcomes. The first half of these fundamentals—from letter A to letter L—are covered in this article.


Quick Tip: The bulk of your target market for car buyers will learn about your inventory and services from advertising, which is represented by the letter “A” in this amusing sequence. Make sure you are communicating the proper message to your market!


Check out part two of the series as well, where we reveal the remaining letters and make sure your dealership’s marketing plan has everything needed to develop a thorough approach.


How to Make a Newsletter That People Will Read (and Why You Should Care)

If you think your newsletter could be missing the “wow” factor, keep in mind that you can provide actual value over time by being consistent. There is a lot to be said for dependability, and a well-done newsletter represents your best chance to consistently reach a targeted audience with well-crafted messaging – week after week, month after month, year after year.


Quick Tip: Helpful and/or instructional, timely, and actionable are all qualities of quality material utilized in newsletters. Consider whether your material satisfies each of these criteria.


For the resources, you need to establish and manage successful newsletter campaigns, keep reading.


How to Promote Your Dealership on YouTube: A Guide

When it comes to marketing your dealership online, there are a ton of options. It can be challenging to develop an advertising strategy in the age of search engines, social media, and customer reviews, and even more challenging to make sure that it is reaching the correct people at the right time.


Quick Tip: When it comes to YouTube advertising, it’s critical to capture your audience’s attention right away. The skip button will be used or viewers will lose interest if you don’t give them a reason to keep watching your advertisement within the first few seconds.


Read more about how YouTube advertising has evolved into a crucial component of practically every marketing strategy with its more than 2.5 billion users.


We are grateful that you followed us over the variety of days that made up 2022 since data-driven marketing and dealership strategies are constantly changing. We are aware that both customers and dealerships are starting to make significant decisions as the new year progresses. We want to encourage your dealership to think about whether or not your current marketing plan is bringing you the outcomes you want—or whether it might benefit from a change in 2023.

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