Tips for Using Email Flows to Schedule More Services Appointments

One thing in the automobile industry is constant no matter how the economy affects your car sales: consumers will always need their cars serviced. It makes sense to invest time and energy in marketing these services because fixed operations might be your company’s main source of revenue in both good and bad economic situations.


The use of email marketing, more specifically the use of email flows, is one of the most economical and successful ways to accomplish this.


Email flows are a great option for promoting your fixed operations because of a few major advantages:


It is simple to develop both content and a schedule for your email flows because maintenance and repair schedules are generally very consistent.


Automatic email flows let you set it and forget it.


When a customer makes a car purchase, receives a service, or transacts business with your dealership in any other manner, they can be added instantly to your email flow list.


Simple reminders to schedule a service appointment will be included in many emails sent through your processes, and it has been found that these emails have very high click-through rates.


According to a recent HubSpot survey, 59% of marketers cite email as their top source of return on investment, and those who used segmented marketing saw revenue increases of up to 760%. Additionally, according to 59% of poll participants, marketing emails have an impact on their purchasing decisions. in HubSpot


When you are tuned into the demands of your consumers and the vehicles you sell, creating email flows is rather simple. For instance, you might want a series of emails to go out in the fall and spring to remind consumers about tire services, or you might want an automatic oil change reminder to go out every 12 months following a new car purchase.


Here are a couple more concepts to get your creative juices flowing:


Get your electric vehicle (EV) customers into a specific flow that makes sense for the maintenance plan of these vehicles. EVs require more frequent tire rotations and tire repairs due to the weight of the vehicles.


Target them with tempting offers because most buyers begin considering custom additions and accessories within a few months of buying a new car.


Set up an email to be sent to truck and SUV owners in the spring about things like roof racks, services for trailer hitches, and gear for outdoor adventures.


Take advantage of seasonality by setting up automatic emails for both winter and spring services.


Email marketing campaigns can promote goods or services, persuade customers to make a purchase after leaving items in their shopping cart, or send customers exclusive deals. Your email marketing campaigns can simply include messages that persuade customers to buy from you because they have opted-in to get updates and messages from you. Additionally, automating a portion of your sales process with email marketing can help you improve sales. in HubSpot


Lasting Advice and Reminders

In every email, don’t forget to add a CTA (call to action). Making it simple for your consumers to click those booking links is the whole idea of using email flows to increase service bookings, so use big, noticeable buttons. You should use a call to action (CTA) such as “book now,” “reserve your tires/accessory/product,” “schedule an appointment,” or “learn more online.”


There will be some email functionality in your DMS (Document Management System), but additional platforms, like MailChimp and Klaiyo, can aid in advancing your email marketing initiatives. You can follow the instructions in the email flow templates as you create these emails. It only takes a few clicks to connect your email list, plug in some content and photos, choose a timetable, add a CTA button, and you’re ready to go.


There are countless methods to leverage email marketing and email flows to increase your dealership’s overall sales, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you need assistance building up your next email marketing campaign, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the SimpSocial team. We’d love to see your service bookings rise!

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