Tips for the Fixed Ops Department’s Winter Marketing Maintenance

The Christmas and retail seasons occur in the final few months of the year. Vehicle sales at dealerships typically increase significantly during manufacturer-publicized end-of-year sales. However, most market patrons won’t buy again until the spring after this push.


Winter and autumn in the service drive should be busy with activity. Customers who don’t intend to purchase a new car get theirs ready for the winter because the cooler temperatures and shifting weather conditions put more wear and tear on their cars.


Here are some suggestions to keep your service marketing campaign going for the upcoming season in order to increase service demand at your dealership and to get ready for the sales downturn that follows the holidays.


Size up your tread.

When seasonal changes in the market demand start to affect your outcomes, maintain control. To make sure that your investment keeps you on track and generates revenue, regularly review your plan and KPIs.


Important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor are:


digital advertising’ click-through rates from social media, retargeting, and search results

Conversions on your landing pages (services provided, appointment scheduling, etc.)

appointments canceled after receiving online leads

Traffic to a website, including sessions, pages per session, time spent on a page, and bounce rates for different service pages

Traffic from social media and conversions from advertisement material to a unique landing page

Tools for navigating your material for the best user experience

Targeted email campaign delivery, unsubscribe, and click-through rates

leads from click-to-call or toll-free calls generated by printed and digital media


Test the Life of Your Battery

In order to avoid running out of steam during the season, regularly review your marketing budget. Your ROI and traffic consistency will be affected by keeping your budget in check and applying it effectively.


To make sure your marketing spend is effective, look for the following:



What kinds of advertisements do you run? On websites like YouTube, you may create search ads (also known as SEM, or Search Engine Marketing), display ads, social networking ads, and video ads. Cost per click (CPC), conversions, bounce rate, impressions, and other KPIs can be used to measure them.

material Your material should reflect various levels of awareness and service readiness. This means that you need information for either prospect in your target area who have no service history in your DMS or customers who are familiar with your dealership and may have previously serviced with you.

Keywords Which searches result in the appearance of your adverts, and how much do you spend when that happens? Because you are vying with other dealerships and independent shops to appear in the top results, keywords like “dealership service” and “oil changes near me” will be costly.

However, keywords might also cause your adverts to appear even if they aren’t pertinent to the customer. Your “service” keywords might be connected to searches for a retailer’s customer care number, therefore it’s critical to put up negative keywords to prevent pointless spending.


Do your adverts run when you want them to and for the appropriate period of time? If your ads cease appearing during the day or after a week even though you are certain that your content and keywords are relevant to the proper searches, you may need to reevaluate your budget. A budget that is too little excludes you from the “auction” of the advertisement and keeps potential clients away.

On the other side, if you still have money left over at the end of the campaign, you may be able to diversify your ad mix and move into more aggressive ad formats.


Refill your fluids.

Create effective campaigns for discounts and promotions to ensure that you don’t abandon customers on the road. At any point in their service cycle, a well-rounded plan enables you to connect with your consumers wherever they spend their time.


How to make your point more clear:


For advertisements on social media and video-sharing websites, create visuals and brief videos. (Plus points if you choose to target clients from your pre-selected marketing lists!)

For your present campaigns for make, model, service requirements, and other factors, modify the terms in your search advertisements. Never forget to verify OEM compliance before using any co-op funds!

Run email promotions and include them in articles your clients will be interested in. Make it simple for them to tap or click to claim offers.


Pay close attention to your findings and evaluate the performance of each platform as you get ready for the upcoming season. Advertising is dynamic. To keep it operating at peak performance and giving you more lucrative business, it needs continual modifications.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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