Tips for Increasing Auto Sales Through Digital Merchandising

Important pointers for enhancing your online automobile marketing to increase consumer interest and inventory turnover


To promote and sell goods or services, digital merchandising makes use of digital resources and techniques. It’s the art of showcasing your vehicles in the most alluring way possible, specifically in retail automotive.


The days of having rotating automobile pedestals on your lot and large bows on the hoods are long gone. Modern vehicle purchasers conduct their research online; therefore, it is crucial to present your inventory in aesthetically appealing photographs and videos if you want to turn viewers into customers.


In order to amaze your customers with your online automobile merchandising, where do you begin? These digital merchandising tips are for you if you want to stand out and outsell your competitors online!


Tips For Dealers On Inventory Merchandising (That Work!)

Take beautiful pictures and videos. Although it may seem simple, you’d be amazed at how frequently we see pictures where the camera lens is covered by a thumb or when essential car pieces are obscured by shadows. Surprisingly, modern cell phones are capable of taking high-quality pictures. However, it could also be beneficial to spend money on the right tools, training, or creating a specific job at your dealership for this function.


More is better. Include close-ups of any unique features or upgrades, and display your automobiles from all sides.


Do not use stock photos or watermark your photos. If you must use stock photos while you wait for inventory to arrive (when it is in pre-order status), replace them as soon as you can with your actual shots.


According to a recent Kelley Blue Book study, 90% of consumers would rather see actual photos of the cars they’re interested in buying than stock images.


Be innovative. Regarding how you showcase your vehicles online, think outside the box. Consider adding virtual walkthroughs or 360-degree videos, using eye-catching layouts, and including interactive elements like augmented reality.


Include all the pertinent details. Include information on the make, model, year, mileage, and any additional features or extras that customers would find interesting. This will improve the likelihood of a sale and assist potential clients in making wise judgments.


Be truthful about the vehicle’s state. Your clients may feel misled if you withhold information online, and word of that kind of dubious business will spread quickly if reviews are left about it.


With SimpSocial, you can make your inventory merchandising foolproof.


Working with a vendor who can make your digital marketing activities as easy and efficient as possible is our top advice for dealers. Using our LiftKit inventory platform, SimpSocial has a plethora of experience in automotive marketing and merchandising. In order to assist you in correctly displaying your vehicles and marketing them to potential customers, we’ve created our system to recognize and address frequent problems that dealers encounter.


Don’t let missing information or difficult technology hold you back; with our assistance, you can maximize the effect of your marketing budget!


How Merchandising and Inventory Control Can Help Dealers Sell More Cars

Your vehicles must be properly merchandised on your website in order to be ready for promotion through different digital marketing channels, where they might attract more high-intent buyers to your dealership. But in addition to the more immediate advantages of “seeing it and buying it” that digital merchandising offers, there are also some long-term gains to spending money on a reliable inventory software supplier for new and used auto dealers:


enhanced presence online. The website of a dealership is frequently where prospective buyers make their initial contact. Dealers can build a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website that endures the test of time by making an investment in a website and/or inventory software supplier that streamlines this process for them.


Individualized advice. Your inventory software should include reports that enable you to place orders for goods that are more in demand in your region and offer customized suggestions to your clients. These features—along with many more!—our inventory reporting dashboard enables our dealer partners to offer their consumers a carefully curated shopping experience.


increased openness. Dealerships may increase transparency regarding their prices, available inventory, and vehicle specifications with the use of digital merchandising. As a result, customers will trust you more and be more inclined to make long-term purchases from your dealership.


Create a Toolbox for Inventory Merchandising with SimpSocial.


Making your automobiles look good online is the main goal of inventory merchandising! Utilizing digital tools to promote and sell cars in a competitive market can give dealers an advantage and help them stand out from the crowd. With sound business practices and reliable dealer software, you can significantly influence vehicle sales at your dealership.


Please don’t hesitate to send us a message, and a member of our team will get in touch with you if you’d like to learn more about your dealership’s inventory merchandising and marketing strategy or browse our selection of inventory and marketing solutions for car and RV dealers.

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