Tips for Beginning Live Chat with a Car Dealer

If you work in the car sector or at a dealership, you are aware that building trust with customers requires specific interpersonal and verbal abilities. Prospective buyers and customers want to be treated as individuals, just like you, with distinct wants for vehicles in each of their individual lives, not as just another sale.


Due to their hectic schedules and the advancements in technology and communication, a growing number of consumers are opting to make purchases online. Consequently, many are putting live chat—or messaging, as we prefer to call it—into practice. Even if it’s crucial to make an effort to “catch” everyone you can’t possibly reach, your live chat should still have a dynamic, responsive, and human element with the ultimate goal of fostering customer happiness and brand loyalty.


Even though the modern vehicle-buying customer journey does not involve overwhelming support for a completely online purchase, it is crucial to always have a digital channel (such as live chat) available and offer prospective car purchasers options.


As per the findings of a Cox Automotive study from 2021, “64% of shoppers want more of the purchase process to happen online, compared to the last time they bought a vehicle.” That represents a sizable supermajority of consumers who want to see an increase in online auto sales!


It may appear overwhelming to a car dealership that has never used live chat before. It really is! Even though there may be a lot of moving components, once you have a reliable live chat system in place, you’ll question how you managed before!


The Customer Experience at Your Car Dealership Is Improved by Live Chat


You should conduct thorough research before committing to any new partnership or product to be sure you’re getting a reliable live chat partner who will improve rather than worsen your client experience.


It’s important to ensure that the customer experience on your digital platform is commensurate with your excellent in-store customer experience when integrating live chat communication channels.


Since we launched the first live chat platform exclusively for autos in 2007, we have a deep understanding of the importance of conversations for prospective buyers and an abundance of experience when it comes to offering website visitors a completely human live chat experience.


Here are five things to consider before beginning your live chat experience at a car dealership:


Five Pointers for Auto Dealerships Using Live Chat Help for the First Time

Seek a partner that offers self-managed and managed live chat services.

It is tempting to take on the conversations and incoming live chat questions if you have an internal BDC or internet sales department. You are the one who understands your dealership the best, right? While that is generally accurate, live chat support for auto dealerships is something that needs highly specialized training to get right.


Although that sounds dramatic, it’s the truth! You won’t necessarily get the most out of customer engagements or high-quality vehicle sale leads just because you have a team or the time. Should you choose to oversee the chats internally, your representative or team must be well-prepared. They should be able to manage several conversations at once, respond to inquiries in less than 30 seconds, and have a thorough understanding of best practices that lead customers through the sales funnel and guarantee their pleasure.


Buyers of cars can make quite demanding demands, depending on how much traffic your website receives. If you don’t prioritize answering their questions, this might occasionally result in subpar customer service. It’s not necessary for the team handling your incoming live chat consumers to be an automobile salesperson; they can simply be someone who can respond to inquiries and comfort customers during their purchasing process. Choosing a live chat company that offers fully managed or co-managed packages is therefore always the best option.


In this way, you can be confident that you have a well-trained staff that can quickly connect with and support both new and returning customers in the event that your store has a spike in demand from website visitors or that you unexpectedly run out of coverage.


Your consumers will always receive a first-rate experience when you provide them with this kind of service, which also increases the quality leads your live chats generate.


2. If you choose to manage things internally, do frequent training for your staff.

As was already discussed, it’s critical to train your staff on how to properly communicate with clients via live chat. Customers require auto dealerships to listen to them and meet their very specific expectations. That may be more important than everything else!


If you choose to purchase dealer text software instead of managing your own live chat, you will need to maintain your team’s proficiency in order to provide your inquisitive website visitors with the greatest possible experience.


Naturally, there would be an initial training period. However, as time goes on, we advise ongoing remedial live chat training. When answering live chat questions concerning your inventory, bear in mind that the nature of talks with car dealers can vary in tandem with changes in the economy and the automotive sector. Additionally, there may be changes unique to your OEM and vehicle production.


3. Check for integrations and live chat capabilities that are most appropriate for your dealership.

Make sure to ask for a feature overview when you settle in with a new live chat or live chat software supplier. Does the platform provide excellent quality-of-life features, such as a response time clock or a real-time typing view, that would make the lives of your internal team members with live conversations easier?


Should you go with managed live chat if they have adaptable connectors that suit your CRM scenario the best? To make sure you’re receiving the efficiency, convenience, and advantages you are paying for, it is advisable to enquire about each of these.


Our current dealer partners occasionally request a feature or service that we already offer! In order to get you on the right track to making the most of your new auto dealer text messaging or dealer text software, our Customer Care Team makes sure to evaluate your demands and inform you of any quality-of-life features that best suit your car dealership’s circumstances.


4. Try out chat before choosing a service provider.

You ought to test drive a managed messaging provider in the same manner that your clients do. You can see a clear image of their approach to client conversations that lead to online sales right here. Do they converse in a lively, personable manner? Or are they just an abridged version of a chatbot or artificial intelligence system that sends forth awkward responses?


This is a crucial step because while some service providers claim to have excellent conversations, any serious inquiries you pose to them will soon expose their lack of ability to provide meaningful, action-oriented, and trust-building conversations that move your customers farther down the sales funnel for auto dealerships.


Developing a relationship with the people that visit your website should be your constant goal!


5. Monitor your reports and make sure it’s constantly up to par.

In addition to establishing confidence through genuine dialogue, a quality automobile live chat platform and supplier must also provide outcomes. To make sure you are obtaining the best return on investment from your relationship, regular reporting and analysis of this reporting should be your top priorities.


If you decide to go self-managed, be sure you are receiving comprehensive reporting that provides insight into what is and isn’t working. For example, by keeping track of how frequently consumers discuss particular vehicles on your website, you may learn a great deal about what kinds of vehicles your customers are most interested in. Almost every facet of the SimpSocial live chat has a report available.


By evaluating what works and what doesn’t, as well as by continuing to examine interactions to determine what best matches your clientele—such as identifying where they are in their particular customer journey—you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to quality.

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