TikTok Can Benefit Your Dealership, but There’s a Catch…

Over 1 billion people use TikTok each month. Not to mention, compared to other social media platforms, they have the highest engagement rate each post. This has made it easier for companies to expand their markets and establish their brands.


Dealerships like Stingray Chevrolet, Loudon Ford, and others have racked up tens of thousands of followers, millions of views, and a brand-new customer base. How can I participate in this, you might be thinking.


There is a catch with TikTok for your dealership. We’ll outline the three prerequisites for success on the app for you.


1. A content creator who works for the company must be present


For the content you create to have the authentic, natural feel of the app, it must be entirely filmed and edited on a smartphone. Additionally, you need to be constant in order to thrive, so blogging only once a month won’t cut it. The ideal situation would be to have a person on-site who could publish a couple of times per week. Salespeople may be excellent candidates for this role because many younger employees are active on social media and may already be familiar with the app. If you don’t know someone who fits these requirements, TikTok For Business offers a wealth of tools that can instruct you in the fundamentals.


On this platform, you shouldn’t use stuff like TV commercials. Another reason why it’s essential to have someone on-site who can consistently produce new material for you is because of this. TikTok is about being authentic and showcasing who you are as a brand, so avoid making things feel like commercials or using a widescreen format. All videos on this site must be vertical. Once more, you can find out more by visiting the TikTok For Business website.


 2. A persona or branded character to serve as the face is a must-have


Your content ought to continually feature a recognizable face. While occasionally including other persons is good, having one constant person appear in each of your video thumbnails improves brand recognition and builds your identity. But you must be careful in how you present this character.


TV ads are ineffective for this app, as we have stated. Not only is it not native to the platform, but it also comes off as an advertisement too often. This means that while you are employing your branded character, use them for humorous trends, casually discussing cool cars, etc. You don’t want them to employ the same aggressive sales techniques that TV commercials frequently do. Instead of talking about MSRP savings, for instance, let them sit in a car and enjoy a few features like Apple CarPlay or the sunroof while taking a joyride. Even if it is less assertive, it generates interest in the inventory you have.


We advise choosing a dedicated employee who is fun-loving and, even better, someone who has been and will remain a part of the dealership for a significant amount of time. This reduces the possibility of having to restart if the individual you choose ends up leaving the firm.


If your dealership has a mascot, you might use it instead of coming up with a costume that only you can wear to maintain the brand’s image. Consider the Duo Lingo bird as an illustration. A person in a bird suit is the focal point of their entire page. Or, as an example of a dealership, Kyle Chapman Motors, and its camel mascot may be ideal.


3. A Brand Strategy Is A Must-Have


Many businesses attempt to participate in all of TikTok’s trends, including dances, singing, and other activities, in the hopes of becoming popular and becoming viral. Many people stumble and fall at this point. You MUST HAVE A PLAN for what you want the voice of your brand to be, and I cannot emphasize this enough. Being unique and exciting is good, but you need to know where to stop and what fits your brand. For instance, dressing up as a dance trend at a dealership can seem odd and a little too random. Finding out which dealerships are the most well-liked on the app and conducting a search for them will help you determine what is proper and what isn’t. See what they’re doing and be motivated.


Using the TikTok Creator Portal is just another fantastic tool for developing your plan. You may read the community rules here, see examples of content strategy from other pages, and keep up with new features for the product. After learning these concepts, you’ll be prepared to grab the camera and begin recording.


These are the fundamental components needed to make your dealership successful on TikTok.


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